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Disconnected health thoughts

Posted 06-18-2010 08:44 PM by janewhite1

I can put my palms on the floor. How's that for flexibility?

I've used my rescue inhaler twice in the past three weeks. That's an awesomely low number.

Going back on the Nortrip. was a good idea. I'm feeling much better already, and I actually slept over 7 hours Wednesday night.

I've been having throat issues, hoarseness, etc. I can't begin to sort out how much is from allergies directly, how much from reflux, and how much from Advair.

I'm really hoping for another round of trigger point injections in my neck and the small of my back. At this point, I think of it like dental hygiene. I brush and floss daily, but I also go to the dentist for a deeper cleaning twice a year. In the same way, I exercise daily, get weekly massages, but I also need injections now and then, because the other stuff doesn't work quite well enough on its own, and the walnut sized knots in my back are trying to come back. Right now, they're just almonds, but they keep trying.
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