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Some days

Posted 07-27-2010 09:38 PM by janewhite1

Some days, this is harder than others.

I had to stop using the Advair due to severe GI side effects, so now my lungs are acting up again. Called the allergist for a script for a steroid with no bronchiodilator, but he never called me back. Fortunately, I will see him Friday, so maybe I can get it then, but unfortunately, I had fun planned for this weekend, and this will interfere big time.

When I first realized I had asthma, I was fairly ok with it. Not happy, but I expected that I would get medicine and get on with my life. I have several offline friends with asthma, and they're all very active.

Then I discovered just how much my body hates albuterol, the #1 short acting asthma med. It relieves the tightness, but at the cost of bringing on a nasty bout of acid reflux which can trigger another round of asthma symptoms. At this point, I carry my inhaler, but I won't use it unless I think my life might be in danger. And of course I hate the jittery feelings the inhaler gives me.

Then I realized the Advair was messing with me also. At first it wasn't so bad, but the longer I took it the worse it got, until finally I had to quit.

Finally, I found that cigarette smoke, strong perfumes and extreme heat also tend to irritate my lungs, I was REALLY hoping it would be entirely or almost entirely a pollen thing.

I also discovered my stomach won't tolerate Benadryl. Or Claritin. Or Zyrtec, or hydroxyzine. I've given up on antihistamines, though I still carry Benadryl for emergencies.

On the plus side, I've now had allergy shots 4 times and the reactions are smaller each time. Maybe by next year they will be working properly.

Come September, I'm going to be very busy with work. I don't know how I'll find the time for allergy shots every week and all the other treatments I need, but I do know I have no choice.

Still, I think about the weeks and months ahead, all the grand plans I had and how much this will complicate everything from vacations to work (Still untenured, can't get time off in-season) to my hopes for parenthood.

I still have fibromyalgia, as I have for 11 years, I still struggle to minimize the pain and to live with what pain I can't avoid. (or can't avoid without sacrificing too much life.) I'm still not quite 30 years old.

Some days I just want to stand up and scream, "I never wanted to be this person! This isn't me!"

Well, all is not lost. There are asthma treatments I haven't tried yet, including leukotriene modifiers and straight anticholinergic inhalers. Tomorrow is the GI doctor, to see if he has any ideas about my stomach other than simply avoiding all medications. (My stomach was fine for months before this happened, and it's never been this bad before.)
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