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Posted 10-25-2010 06:19 PM by janewhite1

So I told the doctor I want to try a bunch of antihistamines, to see if I can find one that works without bad side effects. He insisted that Allegra was the absolute best antihistamine in that area.

I think it's time to ask for the worst.

1) No obvious allergy benefit from the first dose

2) Significant stomach irritation from just one dose

3) Felt like I stayed up all night and drank a pot of coffee--awake, but not in a good way.

He said I could call to try Xyzal and Clarinex if I wanted to. I suppose I will.

At least I got the other script I wanted: Flovent. Even though he gave me the child's dose, and the entire point of getting an HFA steroid was so I could be on a dose high enough to control the asthma without the side effects of bronchiodilators.
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