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Day 14

Posted 08-24-2010 09:27 AM by jic

The results are in, and the catheter is OUT, yeaaaaaaaaaaa, yippee ya hoo!!!

It's not that the catheter was all that bad, just uncomfortable at times, but not painful. There were a few times upon exiting the recliner I would forget that I was tethered and would find myself stopping short of standing up. Then there was sleeping at night, I was always conscience that the catheter had to be kept in a position that would allow my bladder to have a continuous drain, (VERY IMPORTANT) thus restricting my normal sleep pattern of flipping back and forth from side to side. On the plus side it was kind of cool not having to worry about going to the potty every time I had to go!

My fears (pain) of having the catheter taken out were found to be unjust, I was told to take a deep breath and then exhale, and before I could finish letting out that breath of air, it was out. Another fear I was preparing for, was incontinence (temporary collateral damage from having a Prostatectomy) and maybe it will be something that will start, but so far bladder control has been 100%, with no leakage!!! I'm so thankful for the advice I received in the forum, concerning the information on choosing a qualified, experienced, Surgeon to do my surgery. There is an old saying that goes, " The proof is in the pudding" but thats not to say I still don't have some hurdles to over come.

There was more good news, the pathology reports are in and the biopsies that were taken of the surrounding tissues during the surgery all came back negative. Now thats not to say I'm cancer free, I will still need to have regular PSA testing done, however I can now say " I am happy with the decisions I have made in choosing my treatment option and choice of my Surgeon. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but TODAY I'm a happy camper!
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