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Just an update for those who care...

Posted 05-23-2014 08:31 PM by k742

So, for those keeping track of my medical's an update. Chiropractor has been helping with my back and hip pain; Wednesday I go in for my evaluation.

Yesterday we finally got to meet with the NaPro doc - that was pretty great, actually. He took a thorough history of what's been going on, did a quick pelvic exam to make sure nothing obvious was going on...based on my issues he thinks it could be progesterone deficiency, PCOS, endometriosis, or any combination of those things. I'm getting a full blood work up to check thyroid, hormone, etc. an ultrasound in 3 weeks to check on my cyst(s) and make sure there are no fibroids or polyps or anything. Then we start the Creighton Model of charting things to see just how whacked out everything is. In 6-8 weeks I go back for a follow-up. He said with this method of charting, you can usually see where the problem is...but there is still a chance I'll have to have laparoscopic surgery to diagnose any endometriosis or just to see what's going on for sure if it isn't obvious.

He was great to talk with - very adamant that we'll get to the root case and not just try to mask the symptoms. Hooray for good doctors!
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