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An update - finally!

Posted 02-11-2015 02:41 PM by k742

Wow, I haven't updated this blog for a long time! Not sure if anyone actually reads it, but what the heck.

So...back in November 2014 I had laparoscopic surgery (robotic assisted) to officially diagnose the endometriosis we all suspected, and attempt to excise what could be removed, and check the status of my ovaries, tubes, etc.

Turns out, it's like someone squirted glue inside my abdomen and everything is fused together - my bowel and bladder are attached in some way, and it's all in front of my uterus. My doctor was not able to even see my uterus or ovaries, and thus was not able to remove or resection anything. I did have a D & C which seemed to help a bit with my bleeding issues, but that was it.

The day before Thanksgiving, we had a post-op follow up to review the findings and discuss our options. Up until this point our main goal had been ultimately to achieve pregnancy and have a family. We reviewed the diagnosis of Stage 4 Endo, and were given the options of more invasive/extensive surgery to try to remove what endo he could, and detach the organs from each other...however there was a strong possibility that once he got started he couldn't stop and it may result in a hysterectomy. Our other option was Lupron treatments to try and reduce the estrogen my body produces, and dissolve what endo was inside...then possibly try surgery to see if anything had decreased.

Again, this was all given to us the day before Thanksgiving..when we'd be surrounded by family with their kids, etc. Not an easy thing to come to terms with in such a short amount of time!

Today (11 Feb 2015) we had our decision-making meeting with the doctor. After thorough discussions and thinking it over, weighing every possible option we have, we decided to try the Lupron. I know the horror stories, I know the side effects, etc. But I also know I had to try something, and surgery was not an option right now. I don't want to put anyone in the position of having to make a knee jerk decision while I'm splayed open on the table and the doctor doesn't have a choice but to remove my lady bits. about a month or so - whenever the insurance approves it - I'll start receiving injections. The kit will come to me, and I can have anyone I like do them - either a nurse in their office, or if I have someone else who is experiences in injections they can do it. While I'm not thrilled with the potential side effects, my doctor is doing this in conjunction with add-back therapy, where by he adds just enough estrogen to balance out the hormones and regulate the menopausal symptoms.

While I know not everyone would elect this option, I know it's the right thing for us now. It's not permanent, it can be stopped, and it won't impact things if we do decide to try for a family later down the road. Right now, our goal is to get my health back and improve quality of life.
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