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Lupron Depot + Add-Back Therapy...

Posted 04-07-2015 01:13 PM by k742

After the last appt I had with my GYN, we decided that the lesser of the evils would be to try a round of Lupron Depot injections.

For those not familiar with it, Lupron Depot basically suppresses the signals from the pituitary gland to the ovaries that stimulate estrogen production; this in turn suppresses the hormones that enables endometriosis to grow. It aides in pain relief, as well as shrinks existing adhesions and cysts (according to the website). The Add-Back therapy is to mitigate the bone loss and other side effects of the Lupron (which on it's own is pretty darn nasty). It's a tiny amount of estrogen taken orally each day during treatment (or in my case, when I remember to take it).

I received my first injection on March 31st. The drug provider shipped my prescription to my home, and I took it to my doctor's office to have a nurse administer the medication. I was very nervous about starting this medication - if you search for this drug, you will find hundreds of women who will tell you flat out this drug ruined their lives - relationships were broken, health deteriorated, and the underlying condition never improved. It's very difficult to find anything positive on this medication that isn't based on the drug company's I was very anxious about it.

I'm only about a week into it, and haven't really noticed anything. The website states that due to the increase in hormones and things trying to level out, symptoms will get worse within the first two we'll see.

Why did I choose this path, given the negative light shed on this drug? Because for me, it was the least damaging or permanent treatment option.
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