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Tonsillectomy surgery

Posted 06-14-2016 01:44 PM by Kaceyn1266
Updated 06-14-2016 03:33 PM by Kaceyn1266

Hey everyone-
Today, June 14, I finally had them take my tonsils out after getting strep 6 times last year. I went to the ENT who agreed the only way to stop this is taking them out. So, here's my story about how my experience was before and after the surgery! I got there early in the morning around 6:45, and they had me do routine paperwork and waited until they called me back to take my vitals. They make you pee before hand, which is difficult since you have to stop drinking after midnight. I literally couldn't pee. Then they weight you and take your blood pressure and you change into a hospital gown. Next they get the IV started which was a disaster for me. The first time they tried to get the needle in, my vein ended up collapsing and I fainted shortly after. That was a little painful. The nurses were so attentive, fanning me and making sure I was comfortable until I felt better. After trying my other hand for a vein...success! The IV was in, and I was beyond ready, more anxious than anything! My mom came back and sat with me and we waited together until the nurse and doctor came in. They explained the process and what to do to make recovery easier and what you can eat. The anesthesiologist came in after, and told me how the process works with the general anesthesia. Basically general anesthesia is where you are fully asleel. He explained that they would give me pain meds and anti nausea medicine through the IV. Shortly after, the nurse wheeled me back and it was time. They made sure I was warm and comfortable and no sooner than the anesthesia was administered, I was out. Post surgery, the nurse was there as I was waking up. I was in a strange twilight state since I hadn't quite come too and my eyes were weepy. I felt absolutely no pain but it did startle me when I had an oxygen type mask on. They let me eat a few ice chips but I just wasn't in the mood for them. It took a while for me to fully come to which is normal. I stayed for about 30-45 mins post procedure until my blood pressure was stable. They let me get dressed and go home shortly after. The whole process was less than 2 hours. I can't say I have terrible pain, since I have been taking my medication religiously. The only thing that irks me is this feeling that I could swallow my uvula or tongue! Aside from that my experience at the facility was great! Here's to a smooth recovery! PS: a humidifier, ice chips and gatorade are your friends! Thanks for reading 😊
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