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Tonsillectomy surgery

Posted 06-15-2016 03:41 PM by Kaceyn1266

Okay part two from my last blog continued.... Day 1- feeling or fear of choking on uvula. Feels scratchey like sandpaper. Gagging. Occasionally. Did not take birth control cannot swallow anything but water and anything frozen. Sleep during the day was tough. Could not get comfortable and body would wake me up gagging on the swollen tongue and throat. Strange ear pain I cannot explain when swallowing water. Felt like a needle poking me but had to drink. Eventually slept every 30 mins through the night, waking up to drink and eat ice or a Popsicle. This is a must!! If you go withoit water for a few hours you will be in pain!! I felt no pain at all to be honest at this point the hospital medicine was amazing. Took my pakn meds every 4 hours like instructed. They also prescribed amoxicillin which taste like bubble gum. They give you liquid pain meds btw. So at this point in time, I Thought I was one of the lucky ones....

Day 2: same sandpaper when I swallow feeling. Scratchy feeling almost like my throat was sewn shut. Pain radiating from lower jaw into neck and lymph node region. Vomited once in the morning, about 20 mins after taking my medicine. Mostly liquid vomit no blood, and not painful. Came out of both nostrils as well. No shortly after ,Vomited again from pain medicine it was about an hour after . Mostly green (mucus) and very violent/ forceful coming out. Forcing myself to eat the eggs mom made for me and crying while doing so. So extremely hard to eat. She also put pepper in my eggs† god bless her, tad bit spicy, but still choking them down regardless. Attempt to eat honey nut cheerios. I let them get soggy in my mouth before swallowing and they are delicious. Starting to regret surgery a little bit. Miserable and craving chik fila sandwich and fries terribly. Also, feels like you are eating with a metal clamp on both sides of the tongue. Chewing is interesting and extremely slow to say the least. Cannot move tongue without causing throat pain.† Cannot eat from a fork its too painful. Putting food in mouth same way a small child would. No dramatization used in this at all. Probably the worst pain I have ever felt. Keep telling myself it will get better... Mom has been so helpful and attentive I can't thank her enough for everything. Blessed 👭
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