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Well I said I would start doing this because alot of people feel like they are alone or the only ones going through chronic pain but trust me you are not. One day about 15 years ago, I woke up and I couldn't move. I was hospitalized & After a good 6 months of unanswered questions and all kinds of agony I was finally diagnosed properly. I have a auto immune disease where my immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks it's own tissues and organs. Most people immune system fights off viruses and infections, well mine takes the unwanted and rejects anything thats good. It has been a long battle with it but throughout the years I have learned what to do and what not to do. My life is very limited. I can not be in the sun. I have to wear long sleeves in the summer. I take meds for alot of things. With the disease it attacks all my organs and tissues, so on top of everything I was having severe migraines for over a year before they finally found that I had a tumor.I receive blood transfusions at least twice a year.18 months ago they implanted a power port. I have been through chemo therapy through my oncologist. I have had a stent put in my pancreas due to the disease. Bone marrow biopsies, skin biopsies, etc. I was put on disability about 7 years ago because I can't work. I can't even go around too many people due to the fact I catch any kind of viruses and infections at the drop of a hat. Whenever I am hospitalized (which is often) I have to be in isolation. When my kids get sick my mom or my sister takes them. When I do go around family or friends I'm usually wearing a protective mask. I use to think a lot of times WHY? I can never go out the country. I can't take immunizations like most people. Everything around me is completely sterile. This is no way a person at my age should live. I go to PM for years now and take very strong long acting meds and also have some meds for Breakthrough pain. I go to 7 different physicians, for all for different reasons.

wonder what a pain free day feels like

Posted 06-12-2012 10:56 PM by luvinmusiq
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I wonder what a pain free day feels like. I don't believe I have ever had one. Wow!!! I tell my PMP that I am happy if I can get my pain to a 4-5. That will allow me to get up and interact with my family and friends. Go out the house for awhile. I know I will never have a pain free life. But it's nice to dream isn't it. I have a new PMP. This will be my 3rd visit to him. My old PMP moved. Some nerve But My new PMP seem ok and I think he is trying to help. It's still too early to tell. In...
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