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In order to survive my chronic, threatening and also deadly health problems, I have had to go "outside the box" and constantly experiment on different ways to cure, heal or, at least, lessen the nasty effects of my health problems.

It has been a torturous struggle having many health problems, each of which makes each of the health problems much worse.

This Blog contains posts describing the different things that I have done, or found, to ease the burden of all of these nasty diseases.
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Ongoing SLIT experiments with various irritants/allergens somewhat positive.

Posted 01-31-2010 08:39 AM by Machaon
Updated 02-07-2010 06:14 AM by Machaon

For all of 2010, and perhaps beyond, I intend to continue with my inexpensive (cost=ZERO), at-home SLIT allergy treatments for Asthma.

I have been significantly modifying my SLIT procedure, in several ways, and among the changes, not always placing the allergen/irritants under the tongue. I want to discover the method and process for SLIT that has the most significant impact at desensitizing my allergies and Asthma. The medical world is still experimenting with SLIT, but their progress is very slow, and can take years or decades, because of cumbersome bureaucratic procedures and red tape, while the only rules that I have to follow are my own!

The most important result so far is that the SLIT allergy treatments have NOT made my allergies or health worse. This was one of my major concerns. Some of my health experiments have backfired on me, so I was a little nervous when I started my own SLIT program at home with only the Internet as my medical guide.

Another positive finding was that reaction to continuing SLIT experiments becomes much milder as I target the same allergen/irritant over and over again. I haven't yet been able to determine definitively that this correlates into better resistance or immunity against the allergen or irritant, but, sooner or later I will find out for sure. The reason that I don't know is because I am chicken! I know the things that set off my Asthma, and, at this point, other than placing one of these allergens in my mouth, I do not want to chance an Asthma attack!

Also..... my Asthma doesn't seem to be triggered, as much, by allergens that I am NOT using in my SLIT experiments! Is this coincidence? Is this temporary?

At this point, I have more questions than answers. Just wanted to update my blog so that it would be apparent that I am still continuing my inexpensive, at-home, SLIT Desensitization Experiments.

Wish me luck!
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