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In order to survive my chronic, threatening and also deadly health problems, I have had to go "outside the box" and constantly experiment on different ways to cure, heal or, at least, lessen the nasty effects of my health problems.

It has been a torturous struggle having many health problems, each of which makes each of the health problems much worse.

This Blog contains posts describing the different things that I have done, or found, to ease the burden of all of these nasty diseases.
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Nasty, NASTY allergic reaction to SLIT experiment!!!

Posted 03-06-2010 11:47 AM by Machaon
Updated 03-06-2010 02:38 PM by Machaon

I tried a SLIT experiment, last Sunday, Feb 28th, with a different allergen. But, unlike prior SLITs, where I would start with a tiny amount of the allergen, this time I started off with a fairly sizable amount.

Almost immediately I had labored breathing. I tried to stay with the experiment, but after just five minutes my breathing was getting difficult and my chest was getting tight. I stopped the SLIT experiment after just five minutes.

My breathing remained "labored" for the rest of the day, and also the next day. Over the next couple of days my throat started getting scratchy and I started to cough. Then I had a phlegm buildup in my throat, followed by a sore throat, followed by stuffy sinuses. Sometime, during this time, I suffered from a throat infection, but since the phlegm is clear, the infection should not have caused any long lasting damage (I hope).

Since Sunday, a week ago, my breathing has been uncomfortable and my chest a little tight and I feel lousy. In addition, today I've been sneezing frequently and my sinuses have been achy and runny all day long!!! It's driving me nuts!

Having Heart Failure I've got to be very careful with infections because of the potential for them to attack my weakened heart, so I'm also now on antibiotics!

Needless to say, I won't be able to resume my SLIT experiments for at least a week. And...... you can be very sure that I will not go within a mile of the allergen that caused this nasty reaction!!!

From now on I'm going to be a lot more careful. I've had some promising results from my SLIT experiments which have permitted me to have contact with known allergens for which I was previously restricted. I have no choice but to continue.

This time, though, I will be much more careful!

I'm posting this to document what can go wrong, and possible reactions to allergy SLIT immunization if done without being under the supervision of medical professionals!

Wish me luck!
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