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In order to survive my chronic, threatening and also deadly health problems, I have had to go "outside the box" and constantly experiment on different ways to cure, heal or, at least, lessen the nasty effects of my health problems.

It has been a torturous struggle having many health problems, each of which makes each of the health problems much worse.

This Blog contains posts describing the different things that I have done, or found, to ease the burden of all of these nasty diseases.
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Nasty, NASTY allergic reaction to SLIT experiment!!!

Posted 04-04-2010 08:33 AM by Machaon
Updated 04-07-2010 04:01 AM by Machaon

As I previously blogged: I tried a SLIT experiment, on Sunday, Feb 28th, with a different allergen. I got overconfident and, instead of starting out with a very small amount of allergen, I used a large amount.

The allergen caused me to have problems with Asthma, and Sinus Problems, and then led to Bronchitis and a Bronchial Infection!

It has taken me over a month to get back close to normal. I still have some sinus drainage down my throat, which causes me to have to spit up some phlegm a few times per day. Each day the sinus drainage gets better, so I figure another week and I might be back to "normal".

Buts...... this bad experience has shaken my confidence to the core! I have had a long, 23 year struggle, learning how to survive Heart Failure, Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, Chronically High Blood Pressure and Immune Dysfunction; that I wonder at the wisdom of doing any further SLIT experiments on myself.

I need to decide whether it is worth my while to continue with SLIT experiments? I would use previously tested allergens. These other allergens seemed to improve my Asthma, and did not lead to a bad reaction.

I have already noticed that I am NOT having an Asthmatic reaction, anymore, to some allergens which used to bother me. This is great news and is providing me with a better quality of life.

But....... after weeks of hacking and coughing and spitting up, is it wise to try another SLIT experiment?

Should I leave well enough alone? I have benefited very nicely from past SLIT experiments.

At any rate...... after this last, month-long, nasty, miserable experience, I doubt if I am going to do any SLIT experiments for quite a while!
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  1. Old Comment

    Would you be so kind (if you feel like it?) and explain to me
    just exactly what these SLIT experiments are? I am pretty
    sure I have a good idea though but not totally.

    How do you chose your allergens....? Do you chose them
    randomly or are they provided you through a doctor etc?
    Maybe a dumb question eh?

    I will try and read some past posts of yours and gain some
    insight that way too.

    Posted 04-04-2010 at 09:57 AM by Janaly Janaly is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Machaon's Avatar

    Would you be so kind (if you feel like it?) and explain to me
    just exactly what these SLIT experiments are? I am pretty
    sure I have a good idea though but not totally.[/QUOTE]

    If one goes through an Allergist, he provides allergen drops for you to put under your tongue, which, over time, is supposed to reduce Asthmatic or Sinus allergies to that particular allergen.

    Well.... I figure...... why spend all those bucks going to an Allergist and waiting for hours in his waiting room, only to have him provide me with some expensive allergen drops, like grass allergen, when I can go out into my back yard and get my own grass!?

    [QUOTE]How do you chose your allergens....? Do you chose them
    randomly or are they provided you through a doctor etc?[/QUOTE]

    I am close to 70 years old. At this decrepit age, after decades of experimenting and going to doctors and allergists and cardiologists, I have learned most of the nasty, vile, innocuous allergens and irritants that attempt to make my life miserable. Fortunately, due to my inexpensive, at-home SLIT experiments, I have won some battles against these evil, allergen foes!

    [QUOTE]Maybe a dumb question eh?[/QUOTE]

    A question is asked because someone does not have the answer to their question. The only thing dumb about questions is the person who criticizes others for asking a question.

    Janaly, thanks for your response and your question. Take care........
    Posted 04-05-2010 at 08:31 AM by Machaon Machaon is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Good Day!

    I was just now reading your replies to my comment etc.
    Thank You Machaon~

    It was so long ago I had my allergy tests done and although I should have them done now, I am holding off till better
    insurance coverages.

    Anyway back to you....

    Decrepit age *smile* at times I feel likewise. I am 56 yrs.

    I now understand a whole lot more about your journey
    with these Slit tests, why, how and etc. ~VS going to
    an allergist. Makes sense to me!

    Struggling with sensitivities to allergens is a real pain I
    know. This time every year and also in November, I do
    more sneezing, dry cough, burning eyes than any other
    months of the year.

    Just recently am taking Claritin. Had tried Singular but
    it positively gave a headache each time I tried it.

    BTW what are your sensitivities to pet/animal dander
    etc? I have a cat and boy I have to watch her trying
    to snuggle and sleep on my face. HA.

    Also it is wonderful that you have gained some answers
    and won the battle with the inexpensive at home Slit
    experiments! Made it all worth it right....even in spite
    of having to feel poorly along the way at times.

    After I stop sneezing here in a minute I am going to read
    some threads and then take my pm meds.

    Good evening to you!


    p.s. enduring a 23 year struggle with your medical/health
    challenges have had to be difficult. I do though understand
    that pressing on attitude, to keep one going as well. Life,
    health, coping, dealing day to day is not always an easy
    positive agenda I know too.

    Until next time.............
    Posted 04-05-2010 at 06:26 PM by Janaly Janaly is offline
  4. Old Comment

    Have you ever had a full panel allergy scratch test?? I think this would be a good tool to determine which allergens its safe to do SLIT tests with and which ones to give a wide path. Also, having the scratch test sdone in a hospital setting would allow for them to respond immediately if you react to anything too adversely, treating with epinephrine and cortisone as needed.

    Just a suggestion,

    Posted 04-07-2010 at 03:47 PM by Myofascial Pain Myofascial Pain is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Machaon,..I really really need your advice and help!! I tried to contact you privately,.but it says I cannot do it:(
    Are you still there??
    Can I tell you my sorted problem that NO ONE can help me with my crazy allergy I have to my one passion in life? :(
    Posted 08-23-2012 at 06:29 AM by kangaroocrazy kangaroocrazy is offline
    Updated 08-23-2012 at 06:30 AM by kangaroocrazy

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