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I had my biopsies today...

Posted 10-05-2011 06:51 PM by mandi85710

Well I had my biopsies today. They didn't hurt at all other than the numbing medicine burning a little bit. Now it is the waiting game. They told me it would be 3-5 business days to get the results back. I go back and see him next Wednesday! Then we will decide based on if it is breast cancer or a benign tumor it will make the decision on how to remove it. I just want it out of me. I can't stand the idea of possibly having breast cancer. It scares me to death. I am not ready to leave this earth I am only 33 and have so much left to do in my life. I want to see my nieces and nephews graduate high school and college and see them get married and be there for all of their big moments in their lives. I am going to continue to pray that this is not cancer and it is just a benign mass that needs to be removed before it turns into cancer. After it is gone I won't have to really worry about it. Well at least not that lump. If any more pop up that will be another story. OK off to take a nap my pain pills are making me extremely tired.
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    Hi I was just browsing and saw that you had to get a biopsy I hope everything ends up ok. I had to get a liver biopsy thurday for my liver so I know how you feel when it come to that. Mine just hurt when they were numbing me too. I had to get 3 of them so far. I got one last monday but they didnt get enough of my liver so they needed to do it again thursday. Just wanted to say good luck with everything. I have a blog too that I just started.
    Posted 10-09-2011 at 12:19 AM by klh086 klh086 is offline
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