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Lisfranc UPDATE 15/01/2013

Posted 01-14-2013 02:57 PM by mangzilla

So this week marks 6 weeks since my cast was removed and I have a check up at the end of this week. I believe they are going to book in when my screws will be removed very soon which is exciting!

As for where I am at, I am still wearing the space boot, however I have been walking without crutches for a couple of weeks now. Once I began using my foot a little the swelling went down quite a bit, and my foot generally felt a lot better. I have also started doing some Physio, only very light stuff mostly focused on getting movement back into my ankle as I feel that to be the weakest point at the moment.

I get very little pain in my foot, a little aching in the arch sometimes but not much at all. I do get a bit of pain in the muscles on top of my foot, and the most painful part however is my ankle. I get some very acute pains from time to time in my ankle which I am hoping is just due to being unused and weak for so long. I have only lost a little bit of movement compared to my other leg which my Physiotherapist says is good.
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