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Lisfranc Update 16/03/2013

Posted 03-15-2013 06:03 PM by mangzilla
Updated 03-18-2013 01:09 PM by Administrator

My last update in January, I seen my doctor on the 18/01/2013 and he advised me to get out of the boot and start trying to walk as normal (with the screws still in my foot) and I have been doing so since. I have found some shoes that seem to work really well with my foot and also walking bare foot seems to be the most comfortable for me. My doctor suggested a walking or running shoe with strong arch support, but I have very flat feet as it is and I have found a low cut canvas shoe that is the most comfortable I have had.

As for how its going, I am going great! I can walk no problems, still a bit of a limp however and if I am on my feet for too long it does tend to get a bit tight and sore. I rarely get any swelling anymore, I went to a festival last month and spent the good part of 8hrs on my feet and did so well! There is no running around or jumping or anything like that, but to simply get up and walk with my own two feet is definately a good thing to come by.

My next appointment is the 22/3 and they are going to book in the removal of the screws this visit, somethign I can't wait for. I feel as if mentally, I will be much more comfortable once the screws have been removed.

So for now, I am off, it has been informative. if anyone is reading this I hope Particularly if you have had this injury as I didn't think I'd even be able to walk how I do at this point so keep your chin up if you are in the shoes (or maybe just the one shoe!) I was in 6 months ago.
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