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Tonsillectomy Nightmare -

Posted 01-03-2012 11:27 AM by Michelle990

I am currently on day 6 post-op. Let me just say, I was NOT prepared for what was to come. I went to my ENA bc of sinus problems, diagnosed with reflux, and somehow ended with a tonsillectomy.
The trauma started well before my surgery when I wasn't allowed any pills 10 days before your surgery. (As a person with anxiety, you never know how many pills you take until you can't wake them, lol)
Day of the operation, they wouldn't give me ANYTHING to calm my nerves which made everything 100x worse. THEN, since you aren't allowed to eat or drink for 12 hours prior, I was dehydrated, and the nurse had to try my IV THREE times. 4 nurses later, and 3 bruises later, they got it.
I have a monroe ring (upper lip ring) that is made of clear plastic (for job purposes) and I had to explain to 5 different people my doctor said It was okay, including my anesthesiologist, who could BARLEY speak english. At this point, I was anxious, STARVING, and infuriated.
When I woke up from surgery I had no idea where I was. The nurse gave me some ice chips and they were HEAVEN on EARTH. I had two popsicles and was in an extreme amount of pain. Whatever pain meds they gave me thru my IV when I got out lasted MAYBE an hour. The anti-nausia medicine made me gag. They then proceeded to give me Tylenol witj Codine, which rocked my world for a few hours.

After getting home, I anticipated to sleep most of the next few days, as all my friends/family did so after their tonsillectomy. I was wrong. My dr had prescribed me Lortab (Liquid Vicodin, 500mgs, which I take more for my TMJ at times) and amoxicillin. The Lortab tasted so horrible I gagged and dreaded taking it so badly I'd rather go with pain for hours than take it. I got my mom to call the dr and prescribe me Tylenol with Codine instead, which tasted almost as bad, but worked 10x better. Both medicines keep me awake and alert ALL DAY. (Which I suppose is a good thing, becasue when you sleep is when you really feel the pain) I wake up every night in pain around 3-4am when the medicine wears off completely. Waking up is always the hardest. I woke up and actually cried a few times it hurt so bad.

To be quite honest, I feel completely dooped. Everyone (including dr's) kept saying "well, atleast you get to eat lots of ice cream!" Thats a lie. I'm on day 6, eating CAKE, yet no ice cream. It's too sticky. I still can't speak. Until today, I have only been able to eat about 3 bites of something, and I pay for it dearly later, with the feeling that somethings caught in my throat. I didn't even want popsicles that much, I cannot stress enough -

SLURPEES. I'm pretty sure my family/friends have spent well over 20.00$+ on slurpees in the last 6 days. It helps the medicine go down better, and somewhat numbs your throat. I have been on a slurpee diet for 6 days. I was told nothing RED, or with red dye in it, nothing citrus, including applesauce/ applejuice. Tried applesauce thismorning and it didn't last very long.

it has been (what feels like forever) a long, hellish week for me with this pain. The fact that I have TMJ hasn't helped, as now my jaw is almost completely locked from the surgery and I'll be starting on muscle relaxers as of tomorrow. Along side the pain, on a personal level, I've had to deal with anger and regret of the surgery. I was mad (still kind of am, lol) if people ate in front of me. Drinking as much as I should has been HARD and painful. Now that I'm on day 6, today was the first day I actually ate breakfast (soft cake and sweet tea) I'm starting to get cabin fever from being in the house so long. I feel like the scabs are coming off, and my throat now feels like a typical sore throat instead of, well, hell. Besides not speaking yet, I'm in better shape than I thought i'd be at day 6! There is light at the end of the tunnel!
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