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Noise OCD

Posted 09-05-2011 01:23 AM by Middlegurl99

This summer I started going to therapy because for the last couple years I've been having major noise issues. It seems like every noise I hear irritates me. Repetitive noises, gum chewing, snapping, hearing tvs through walls etc. My therapist told me I have OCD and anxiety issues. I'm only 15 and I'm the only one in my family so even with a therapist I really feel like I'm dealing with this on my own, which is really hard for a teenager apparently. Today I decided just to look up OCD with noises to see if I could learn anything and I found a couple things on this site. Stories from people who were having issues just like me. It was a really great discovery because suddenly I felt a little less dumb about my problems. I know that my issues are irrational and that I'm pretty much inflicting it upon myself and that makes the whole thing really frustrating but knowing for sure that it isnt such an abnormal thing just really feels great. So thank you to those who have posted before me.
I also want to share a little bit about my problem. For me it all started with the snapping. I was in 7th grade and my dad had just gotten remarried that summer. My youngest stepsister just learned how to snap about half way through the year and then wouldn't stop. It started off just me being annoyed at her snapping, but then gradually became all snapping. I hate it. Random snapping just makes me cringe. Then it became loud gum chewing. I sat next to a girl in math in 8th grade who chewed her gum like there was no tomorrow, like she wanted Ireland to hear it! And so the irritation (irritation:understatement of the year) with gum chewing developed. Next thing I knew a bunch of different sounds started to annoy me, things like I listed before. And it's not just a 'I wish that go away' reaction it's a have to get away, start crying, pull hair reaction. This year I also developed a hatred for feet. I don't know why but I hate hate hate when people move there feet. It just...disturbs me. It's gotten to the point where I'm practically a hermit in my family to avoid the noises and feet, I have tosleep with ear plugs to avoid noises, the moment I walk into my room I turn on music so I don't have to hear the tv through my door, and I snap at my family the moment they do a noise I don't like. I don't mean to but my reaction to the noise is instaintainious and so I want it to stop right away. I also don't think therapy is working, but it's my fault. I can't compell myself to do what's suggested to calm me down, I don't like practically breathing and I definitely don't want to stop and breath when I'm irritated. I'm also tired of my family telling me to use my exercises when im annoyed because I can't. I just can't. I'm being contained by this problem and I can't help it. I don't want to be OCD but sometimes just giving into it is the easiest thing to do. I just hope I can learn to calm it down before I go insane.
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    Hey there. If it is OCD or anxiety issues than your therapist should be able to give you some techniques you can use to lessen the anxiety. There is a condition called misphonia which sounds a lot like what you are describing - you should look it up. Just remember that you are not alone and with a little bit of work hopefully you can find some coping mechanisms that work well for you!!
    Posted 09-11-2011 at 07:35 PM by NC~Grl NC~Grl is offline

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