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spinal cord stimulator

Posted 02-28-2010 10:34 PM by Myofascial Pain
Updated 03-02-2010 08:03 AM by hb-mod (Categorized)

I have discussed going this route with my brother... The theory with back pain is to target only the nerve branches leading to the back dermatomes [I](d. anatomy. An area of skin innervated by sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.)[/I]. Problem with this solution is the same problem that you get with Radio Frequency Ablations (RFAs). Most physicians will attempt to avoid C3 - C5 or C6 nerves, due to the risk of paralysis. Same reason they avoid lumbar punctures in that region. My latest 2 series of RFAs, my shoulders and neck over compensated since they only injected C6 to T4.

If you search the National Institutes of Health web page for "adult dermatomes" the first hit will be a link to a Medical Encyclopdia image that shows the skin region enervated by each spinal nerve.

On the other hand I've heard that they are working on a Subdural Electro Neural Stimulator. (SENS) Basically a webbing that works like a TENS without you having to worry about pad adhesion or self application of the TENS to your back. That is my two biggest problems with using my TENS...[LIST=1][*]My Significant Other is out of state and my range of motions is already limited by my condition so placing the pads myself is nigh impossible.[*]Using the TENS at night I relax.. fall asleep... roll about... pull my pads off at the smallest point... get lint on pad adhesion, which results in it falling away further, getting more lint until it falls off, then I roll over on the unattached TENS pad and get a shock as the electricity goes along some random electric path to the other pad instead of where I had originally placed it.[/LIST]
Which is why I try to only use it when I am fully alert early in the day. But asking someone other than my gf or my PT to place the pads is creepy and so [I]I end up not using it daily anyways[/I] because I can't self place the pads.

It'll probably have the same MRI/DEFIB risk as an SCS. Probably more risk from the MRI than an SCS since its a web of wires. Hopefully less scarring since its placed in the myofacsia instead of the spine.

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