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I am not 1 week post op. I saw so much scary information regarding this surgery, I am fortunate to have some positive news, at least so far. :-)
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Dec 19, 2012

Posted 12-26-2012 12:58 PM by Newlyshiftfoot
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It is about 1:30 in the afternoon and I had my surgery this morning. I was at the hospital at 5:30am, did the paperwork, then they called me back.

Here is a timeline up until I had the surgery.

The RN was awesome. She kept me at ease, made sure I was comfortable and got me magazines to read. If you have to have this or Iím guessing any surgery, bring a book or magazine. There is a lot of downtime before you go to surgery. After the nurse was done, I read some magazines and eavesdropped on the people around. It was entertaining. I eventually met with the anesthesiologist. He was a younger guy who explained that they were going to put me under and give me a nerve block. He even let me see the ultrasound and showed me where my nerve was. It was painless. Then the PA came by to explain the surgery again and finally the doctor. While his bedside manner isnít great, he is a bit cocky, Iím fine with that, Iím not going golfing with him. I want him to be cocky and goodÖ

Time to go to surgeryÖ

When I woke up in recovery, I was a bit groggy, but not too bad. They had to check my vitals and make sure I was feeling okay. They moved me across the room to the person who explained all my meds and what I should and shouldnít do. I got back into my own clothes. My leg was in a huge wrapping and there was no pain. I just wanted to get home.

Once home, I was still getting used to crutches but was able to lay in my own bed with my leg elevated. I was pretty hungry and dehydrated so I had a sleeve of crackers and a Gatorade. I felt better but needed to lay down more. I watched a lot of TV, took my meds a few hours later, and had some soup. I didnít have the upset stomach they said I may have, and all in all day 1 was pretty easy and uneventful after the surgery.
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