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I am not 1 week post op. I saw so much scary information regarding this surgery, I am fortunate to have some positive news, at least so far. :-)
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Dec 21, 2012

Posted 12-26-2012 01:01 PM by Newlyshiftfoot
Updated 12-27-2012 12:26 AM by Administrator

So last night was hard, I was in a bit of pain all night and couldnít sleep. The pain wasnít unbearable but it definitely made it hard to get comfortable. I ended up switching between oxycodone and valium all night. It is obvious the nerve block wore off. I was able to move my toes more and that put some extra strain on my foot which didnít help. Keeping it elevated and iced is making things much easier.

Today is a big day, I get the dressing off, an xray and a new cast. Iíve heard this is a painful experience and to make sure to take meds before the appointment. About an hour and a half before the appt I took two oxyís. The doc was pretty quick to get me in and they took the dressing off. Lots of swelling and stitches. The wound started to bleed again from the xray. That was pretty uncomfortable, I had to move my foot in a few odd positions. I have posted pictures of the xray with the screws too.

Now the most painful part, the cast tech forced my foot into a 90 degree angle for the cast. It was literally forced. After a few minutes, the pain subsided but it was still the most difficult part so far. The cast went on, I went with purple and made my follow up appointment for 2weeks and left.

My foot feels more stable in the cast then it did in the dressing. I have my knee scooter too to ensure I can get around more. Crutches are just not easy.

So after the doctor I came home and slept for about an hour and a half. It was much needed. I woke up pretty refreshed and was able to get my face wet, wash up and go to the winter program. It was nice to get out and be part of society.

Iím downstairs just enjoying time with the family. I took another oxy just to make sure Iím not in the same amount of pain as last night.

All in all, this isnít the horrible experience I expected and Iím trying to just take it easy and follow doctors orders. Iím also making sure to keep my diet as free from processed foods as possible.

Good night.
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