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Help with Paranoia

Posted 06-10-2012 03:11 PM by ParanoiaKills

I have suffered with Paranoia ever since my ex repeatively broke up with me for other girls and then lead me on again which I fell for since I was inlove just to be dumped again. The first time I ever felt paranoid was when my exes friends tried to convince him to cheat on me with other girls at a convention. I considered them my best friends and they betrayed me. After this I became more and more paranoid because my ex would randomly break up with me for other girls. I began to learn that he would ignore me a lot before this happened. We finnally ended the relationship when he went out with some girl online. I am now in a relationship with someone who I feel really does love me. When I am sad it effects him a lot and ussually tries to help unless he is mad at me in which case he pushes me away. I have gotten in a horriable habbit of snooping through his phone, car and asking his friends a lot of questions about him. He seems like he is an honest person. I just have so many trust issues. He told me he was going to start deleting his texts so I could not look at them. This made me even more paranoid and upset. I have never found anything to doubt my trust for him yet I can not trust him. When his is mad at me he will go off for days coming back at night to sleep (we sleep in the same bed). I often feel like he is cheatting though no one I ask thinks he would do that to me. How do I get over my paranoia? I know I need to in order to straiten my life out and have a healthy relationship.
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