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Update: insomnia, reflux and hypoglycemia

Posted 01-16-2013 10:45 AM by Pastafarian

My insomnia is under control now. I was switched from Remeron to Welbutrin. I took Welbutrin for about 5 months and I developed a pretty regular sleeping pattern. I had very low energy level though. I stopped taking it because I was very busy and couldn't get a refill quickly. They usually want you to step down slower but that ended up being just fine. The Dr continued to meet with me and I transitioned okay. I don't have depression at all, but only some mild to moderate anxiety. Since he said Welbutrin doesn't really treat anxiety, it wasn't a big change. I use a sleep app on my iPhone to record my sleep quality and times. It's not very scientific, but it helps. And it's mostly adhering to a strict bedtime that keeps me from sliding back into an opposite sleep pattern. I still have bad nights, but they are few and far between.

I still have reflux, regurgitation and gnawing stomach pain - but it has been drastically reduced by taking nexium twice a day and 300mg Zantac at bedtime. It took a while, but I believe the Zantac has a lot to do with the increased quality of my sleep. I alternate between sleeping flat and using a wedge pillow. Anyway, I'm seeing my forth GI. He and his office are incredible! They performs esophagus motility test, upper barium test, another EGD with pH monitoring for something like 3 days. The tests showed that I was mostly normal physiologically speaking. I only had some inflammation of the lower esophagus. But the pH monitor showed that I had prolonged periods of reflux. I am now scheduled to have TIF surgery on 1/31/13.

I had a 7-day continuous blood glucose monitor set up by my dietician. It showed the occasional lows during the day - mostly in the morning. My hypoglycemia remains under control as long as I have a regular eating schedule. That is sometimes very hard for me since I have an irregular schedule due to classes. I did fall down a set of stairs while experiencing low blood sugar symptoms. I tore the medial meniscus in my knee which hurts and is really annoying. It made me realize how low blood sugar is a serious problem and I need to be more responsible. I'm still trying to do it right. It really requires a commitment and I'm doing the best I can. I am a little but nervous about this liquid diet business following TIF surgery. I'm also lactose intolerant, so I'm planning on buying some of the GI's dietician's suggestions to see how well I tolerate them before I need to live on them.
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