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Tough but Still 'Walking The Line'

Posted 07-29-2011 12:42 AM by Phil uk

Well, I am still free from inhaled nicotine, and very proud of myself. The Current Stats are:-

7 day 9 hours 36 minutes.

For those who have been reading the blog, you will know that today is possibly the day I get my chest X-Ray results. It was a very very scary night last night, and (I know this is going to sound so incredibly stupid) I really wanted a cigarette to calm my nerves. So much I could almost taste it. As I have mentioned many times, the fear also was the motivation not to weaken, but it was very hard last night. I can, with hand on heart, say I did not run to the shop to buy some; despite the craving being higher and worse than any time up to now.

The depression is also there, and again on a downward trend again. Partly because there is not a soul in the world I can talk to about what is going on here. I have never felt so alone or isolated.

I will blog later with the results, I am a bit too upset to write any more just now.
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