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ah...a place to vent...

Posted 04-21-2012 03:15 PM by Rdbomb94
Updated 04-21-2012 08:11 PM by Administrator

Hi all and thanks for taking the time to read this...let's see,what's wrong with me? Are you sure you have enough time? I suffer from depression and it's evil sibling anxiety,i have killer migranes,gerd,severe stomach issues and I am on pain meds for nerve/muscle pain in my left hand/wrist. And last but not least I am overweight but we'll talk about that later. Let's start with the depression/anxiety...I don't know why I am this way,I have no reason to be. I have a very loving,awesome, and funny family,I have great friends,a job I like most of the time,and I really try to surround myself with good people.(I've learned the hard way) For that condition I take effexor 300mg and topomax 150mg. It really has pulled me out of a slump,at one point I would only get out of bed to go to work then back to bed. It really was a life saver for me. As for the migranes,I was taking Imitrex but that wore out and we haven't found another one yet. I have been trying the maxolt and that does the edge off. The fact that I am allergic to Ibuprofen and propranolol makes it kinda hard to experiment. Now pain meds...I see my pain management doctor monthly for nerve/muscle pain in my left hand. (a little backround...when we moved,as I was unpacking a vase broke and I sliced the middle of my hand to just above my wrist and cut clean thru the main nerve). I'm taking the meds because the sugery was a failure. We are still tring to get the right dose and right now I'm on 60mg ms contin er and percs 10/325 3x a day as needed for bt. And now for the weight loss,a woman never tells but here I'm going to y'all not to point and laugh (just a joke). I'm on fastin it curbs your appetite. and it works! Somedays I have remind my self to eat! when I started I was 291 now I am 270 and that's after about 4 weeks. For those of you screaming "diet and exercise" while reading this,y'all need to realize when some people,like myself get to a certain size,we need help.

I think I've covered enough tonite if enough people look at this maybe I'll continue my journey-Chris
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