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New doctor...

Posted 10-11-2012 09:19 AM by Rdbomb94

I wish I could start this off by saying everything is great...but it's not. I had to find a new doctor to treat my depression because my last doctor lied to me,in my face. He told me my insurance company called him so I turned around anf called them and they show no record of calling him nor can they because of privacy laws. So why lie? I told you upfront in writing and verbally what medications I was on. So this new doctor has changed me from Effexor xr 300mg to Viibryd 40mg. So far the change seems to good. I've been a little down but I didn't have any of those crazy side effects people talk about when coming off Effexor. I'm also just getting to the 40mg in the sample pack so I still have to see if it's for me. One thing I do like is there isn't any weight gain with this,supposedly. As for my doctor,he's an older man and he's a jerk,but for some reason I trust him. I don't like him,but he seems to know what he's doing.
He doesn't like the fact I see a pain manangement doctor but like I said he's an older doctor. I'm also lucky he was willing to keep me on Adderall. I also take that for deprassion as well. I know you thinking what? But yes I also Adderall for depression. And it does work! I just hope the Viibryd works. Well that's all for now...
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