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Anxiety Update...

Posted 05-21-2015 10:20 AM by Rdbomb94

Yet again I have a new psych doctor. He has diagnosed me with General Anxiety that cause depression which causes more anxiety and adhd. So I'm trying a whole new cocktail with him. He wanted to start from scratch. I am taking 40mg of Prozac. I was on 60mg of Cymbalta but it was making me gain weight. Apparently that's a side effect for some people they don't like to tell you about. 5mg of Buspar 2x a day (anymore and it cause stomach issues and upset) and 15mg of Dexedrine 2x a day. 1 mg Klonopin as needed. I found my dr when I was admitted to the ER for a full-on panic attack. While many will say the Dex adds to my anxiety,it actually doesn't. it helps me focus and keeps me calm without stressing. I'm not sure yet about the Prozac,I got really sad yesterday and I don't know why. The anxiety is just ongoing. I had another attack about a month ago. I was at the mall and all of a sudden I got that cold sweat and tunnel vision. My chest started to tighten and I was literally knocking people over to get outside. I took the Klonopin and just paced until it finally kicked in. That was one of the worst I had. I also have no idea what set it off. I wish this part of my life would get under control.
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