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Rough Week

Posted 08-27-2014 10:56 PM by AnxietyGirl74
Tags asthma, sinus

I've been fighting a sinus infection and asthma for about 3 weeks now. This is my second round of steroids and my second antibiotic. I woke up with an acute sinus infection on Monday and was throwing up everywhere. I went to Urgent Care because there was no way I was making it to my doctor's office in Wilmington and they put me in front of two people because I had to go immediately to the bathroom and throw up. I got a really strong antibiotic shot, a steroid shot, and a nausea shot, and they sent...
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My stone experience

Posted 08-19-2014 09:34 PM by Jenna825

I have been reading a lot of stories on here and I think I'd like to share my own, even though it hasn't yet come to an end.

I am a 21 year old girl who doesn't drink a ton of tea. And can I tell you how sick of that question I am? It seems anyone I tell says the same thing; Oh, so you drink a lot of tea then? Yeah, so-and-so had them and they drank a gallon a day. No. I don't drink a ton of tea.

On July 10, I came home from vacation from the shore feeling just fine....
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Story of my Non-Healing Wound - Fear

Posted 08-13-2014 05:28 AM by RABG
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Through out these past 20 months I have felt fear only a handful of times. Today I am feeling like something bad is coming.
The Wound Center came back with moderate MRSA,e-coli, and 2 others.
Here is the way this situation has played out.
#1. Wound Center APRN has report of the culture and orders antibiotic "A".
#2. 3 days go by and Would Center Dr. W calls, discontinues antibiotic "A" and orders "B". I am allergic to this medication....
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Story of My non-healing Wound - infection Again

Posted 08-08-2014 01:30 PM by RABG

How much can we take before despair creeps in? For some not much for others quite a bit. I think I qualify for the later.
Pain is the over riding problem I face. For the last month I noticed in increase in pain. It started at the wound bed then veered to the right, where the undermining was at it's worse. I could tolerate little pressure before needing to move. I could feel this wound growing.
Answer, infection. Again. Two weeks of oral antibiotics is better than a week of IV therapy....
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Story of my Non-Healing Wound - No End in Sight

Posted 08-07-2014 06:02 AM by RABG

When I started this blog I was close to the end. Dr. S seemed to think that he could surgically remove a "plug" of bad tissue along with a small amount of good tissue sew it up and I'm done!!
I have written many times about pain. Why? Because this wound is very painful. It was the increase in pain that told me that things weren't better, they were worse.
When this wound appeared to be healing, and for a time I would agree but a little voice told me that this wasn't the end....
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