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Day 10 - Clavaris 40 mg

Posted 06-01-2012 08:04 AM by ReeRee777

Day 10

My lip area is getting dryer and dryer every morning. Today it hurts to even smile because I keep splitting the dry skin. However, once I apply an ample amount of aquaphor, all is good again. The two pimples that were on my face yesterday really calmed down at a quick pace! Usually it takes a week for my acne to go away once it becomes active. I am sure accutane is to blame for this.
I have a confession though. When I see a pimple, I will POP it! I need to be strong...
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Day 9 - Clavaris 40 mg

Posted 05-31-2012 07:23 PM by ReeRee777

Day 9

I have to say I am feeling some of the side effects of Accutane. My lips are starting to bleed every now again because they are so dry. However, on the bright side, my lips are big and pouty.

Unfortunately, I also developed a weird scaly rash on my upper left side of my back. It covered a small area, but I noticed it when I was taking a shower. It suddenly appeared out of no where when I applied a body wash. From what I understand, it is contact dermatitis and...
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Day 8 - Clavaris 40 mg

Posted 05-30-2012 08:36 AM by ReeRee777

Day 8

Nothing new except that my lips are bigger and are getting dryer by the second. My back is better than yesterday; it was pretty active this weekend. I really hope accutane works, I am tired of my back acne! I hate all the dark pigmentation spots I have from acne too. My next step after curing my acne is to find a way to bleach all those dark spots.
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Days 5 -7 Clavaris 40 mg

Posted 05-29-2012 07:53 AM by ReeRee777

Day 5

Knee joints not bad
Woke up with two big pimples on my hairline. I am blaming it on the PMS though.

Day 6

My period started. I also woke up with dry skin around my mouth. I dealt with the dry skin by applying ample amounts of Aquaphor.

Day 7

My back is pretty active today. A lot of pimples on my lower back; not cysts, but they are big and red.
Also, today is the first day that my lips feel super dry;...
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Posted 05-26-2012 07:43 AM by Beck21

Hey All. Beck Here. So my friend just annoyed me again with his complaints. I think I would rather take a beating from my gf then listen to my bro's woes. Lol.
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