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Tired of being me

Posted 09-17-2010 01:34 PM by Searchin

[[IB][/B]FONT="Trebuchet MS"][/FONT]I am just tired of being me. Whoever that is... I am either depressed, manic, on drugs, off drugs, or a number of other diagnoses. I have never blogged before so I hope I am being appropriate.I guess I just need--what? I do not even know. Encouragement? I am bi-polar. I do not respond to therapy so there is no need to mention that. I miss life. I am stuck here in this house day after day without transportation and my husband just does not see what it is doing to me. All truth told I am detoxing off of meth so these mood swings are probably due to that. Ugh.
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    I have been there and at times I am still there. Right now, as they say in AA you have to think of you right now. If you want life back but yet you are holding anger inside then you have to fight it and seek help. If not and you really want help then you have to start doing what makes you happy.
    Posted 09-18-2010 at 01:28 AM by gemini89 gemini89 is offline
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    Searchin's Avatar
    Thanks for your comment gemini89. I have been doing just that-trying to do what makes me happy. I alway's choose the wrong people for some reason. I have only one person I would call a friend and she has got to go because she is dealing drugs. Now I have this meth thing I have to deal with and I thought I would have no problem but once again I am addicted. Just wanting to vent I guess. Hope you don't mind.
    Posted 09-19-2010 at 05:09 AM by Searchin Searchin is offline
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    Haha not at all, that is what this site is for. It is good to talk and vent. Trust me I am right there with you.
    Posted 09-19-2010 at 03:27 PM by gemini89 gemini89 is offline

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