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janna 15month old with spastic quadriplegia

Posted 10-14-2010 12:09 PM by shannon48183

So we went to see Janna's physical medicine doctor and boy were they surprised! They said they have never saw a patient that looked as good as her as far as her facial expressions and personality. Then they had to give me the statistics which I hate to hear letting us know she may never walk or crawl. I know in my heart she will do all of these things in time with continuous pt and ot and our help. I am praying for all who are going through this and I am thinking of petitioning the government to pass a law that your doctor has to give u the option for a c-section if they induce labor and for any reason it doesn't progress the way they see fit. I wasn't dialating even though I was in full labor and was sent home with no other option. If I was given the option to have a c-section Janna would be completely healthy!!
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