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It is OCD or it is your upbring?

Posted 06-23-2012 12:09 PM by SKY76

I feel like telling you straight in your face. You can't even control your ocd behaviour, so don't start controlling others. Don't you try thinking that you know what is best for your child!

I have enough with your ocd behaviour and have given you many chances to prove that you are willing to change to sustain our marriage. In the end, both of us have adopted the avoidance method. Stop talking and stop discussing about your ocd. Your past episodes leaves me in anxiety whenever I feel that something bad is going to happen. Your recent ocd big hit has left me thinking hard if you are suitable to be a father at all. Yes, I am judging you and your every move. I don't care if you find someone else. I just want less of you.
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