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The not-so amusing ramblings of a midwestern guy trying to survive the world with a growing family.
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3 months of fun

Posted 07-26-2010 07:04 AM by srivera

So it has been almost 3 months since I last posted on here. Bet you though I forgot about you all, huh?

I left off at the end of April, with a shoulder injury and an inbound child.

In May my family and I went on vacation. Nine days, 2,000 miles from home, with my mom, my brother, my pregnant wife, and our almost 3 year old. Sounds relaxing right? It was kind of a hectic vacation, however that did not stop when we got home.

After landing, we went to my mom's house to grab a bite to eat before heading to our house. Driving both cars back from my mom's, it is amazing neither one of us got into an accident, as we were both falling asleep. So we get home throw our luggage out of the car and decide that we have no food whatsoever and have to go to the store.

Out we go and down the stairs *WHAM* *SCREAM*

There I am lying on our driveway. 'What the hell just happened?' I thought to myself. Then the pain reminded me. I look down, my foot is pointing 90 degrees out to the side. My wife chimes in 'I think you broke your ankle!'

So no store for us. Another trip to the ER. Right ankle fracture, wear this boot for 6 - 8 weeks, non-weight bearing for at least 2 weeks, then use crutches for support.

So for those of you keeping score at home, Me - 0, ortho injuries - 2.

Crutches with a messed up shoulder is a lovely thing. Oh, and I am also in physical therapy for my shoulder at this point.

For the good news of this post, we found out that we are having a little boy. Ryan Andrew is set to make his appearance around November 20th. He has the same choroid plexus cysts that our daughter had on her 20 week ultrasound. So we get to go see a perinatologist in a few weeks to see if they have shrank or gone away.

On the same day we found that out, I had an appointment with my shoulder doctor. Let's just say PT was not progressing very well. And he felt surgery to tighten up the shoulder and maybe shave off some scar tissue would help. He sets the date at July 27th. I let him know if he has a cancellation that I could slip into it if he wanted.

That was on Tuesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon I get a call. "A surgery has been cancelled, you are scheduled at 1:00pm tomorrow."

Friday morning my daughter had to have a procedure done, because she is getting UTIs and they were checking for reflux. We found out she has two ureters on the right side and that urine is backing up her left ureter when her bladder gets full. That reflux is causing infections, and untreated could cause kidney infections and damage. Looks like she will be on low-dose antibiotics for the next few years.

Friday afternoon comes, time for surgery. 30 minute surgery becomes almost 2 hours. Apparently that is what happens when you have a partially torn rotator cuff, a SLAP tear, bone spurs, a suture from the previous surgery sticking out of the socket, and AC joint compression that needs the collarbone cut off. A little more extensive than I had planned.

6 weeks in a padded sling, no external rotation for at least 6 weeks, no lifting for at least 6 weeks. Looks like it will be months before I can pick up my daughter again. Physical therapy starts up again before too long. Should be a fun couple of months once school starts back up.
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