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Thoughts on my life with:
Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD, Osteopenia, Brain Stem Stroke, Stress, and Severe Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Surgeries: Hysterectomy, Right Oophorectomy, Incidental Appendectomy, Urethral Suspension, Benign Left Modified Mastectomy/ Lumpectomy.

As if that wasn't enough: Nine fractured ribs, Morton's Neuroma, Left- sided Hyperhydrosis, Left- sided Thermoception Dysfunction, and even hot flashes.
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Adrenaline- like surges with blood pressure spikes

Posted 03-11-2010 08:45 AM by Sunsetnan
Updated 03-11-2010 04:14 PM by Administrator

Just started this blog, and you can read my detailed story in my first few posts on the high blood pressure and lupus message boards if you'd like. Since I tend to get lengthy in my posts, and they have become more of a journal, I decided to post in blog form.

A quick synopsis: After several viral infections and an H1N1 vaccine, I started having surges of what felt like adrenaline in a fight/ flight response with pounding heart, skipped beats, feeling of anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. The episodes continued, until they were almost constant. They continue, with some good days and some bad. I am taking an alpha blocker and beta blocker and they have many uncomfortable side effects that, at times are nearly as bad as my problem... maybe not. I have several chronic illnesses as well that have been under control including Lupus (SLE), fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD, and had a brain stem stroke five years ago. It seems that it is a sympathetic nervous system response to something. My doctors have suggested and ruled out: Hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, Addison's disease, cardiomyopathy and have suggested gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, post- stroke atrophy and sleep apnea as possible reasons. I have seen my Internist, a second opinion doctor, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, and a cardiologist. I have consulted with my rheumatologist, and my gynecologist. It has been recommended that I go to a tertiary care center in LA area. I will see the second opinion doctor next week to go over my lab work and make further plans.

Update: Have had some bad days and some good days. Had a weird thing happen yesterday. It was early morning and I was sorting socks from the laundry basket and I could feel a surge come over me including a rush of anxiety. I decided to continue working through it, using the adrenaline- like rush in a positive way for the energy boost. As happens most mornings, I passed a bit of gas, and the anxiety went away instantly. I stood there wondering what had just happened. Then, the anxiety slowly returned. Again, I continued with the laundry, not sure if I imagined it or not. Then, I passed flatus again (a small amount) and the anxiety feeling went away, just like that! It must have been the vagal nerve stimulation that did it. That was why when I first started having these episodes, they would go away after I had a bowel movement. Yesterday, the anxiety stayed away for awhile and I was able to take my son to the doctor's office. Then, the anxiety began returning before my medicine had taken effect. I was afraid that might happen, but I some how muddled through it. But, the rest of the day was a bad one, until my medicine finally kicked in towards evening.
I looked up anxiety and vagal nerve on the internet and came up with some interesting stuff. They did experiments with implanted pacemakers in the heart that stimulated the vagal nerve for people who suffered with anxiety.
Very invasive procedure and used as a last resort.

My doctor was concerned that my IBS or gastrointestinal problem had something to do with these episodes. But, you would reason, that with all the diarrhea I had because of all the adrenaline- like surges, they would have stopped the anxiety with vagal nerve stimulation. Confusing and interesting!

My old rheumatologist's office clerk gave me a recommendation for an endocrinologist in LA. He said that the long letter that I wrote made my problem sound like an endocrine problem and not a rheumatological one. I was more interested in some tertiary care clinic, who had a team of experts to diagnose instead of one specialty searching in their limited area as was recommended by several of the doctors I saw.

I hope the friends who have been reading and responding to my messages will leave comments. I'm new to this blog thing. In future entries, I will try to categorize for specific health areas.
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  1. Old Comment
    Hi, I have the exact same condition "Adrenaline- like surges with blood pressure spikes" and the doctors are stuggling to figure out what is wrong with me. The names they have termed the condition is:

    1) Hyperadrenergic Syndrome (not POTS)

    2) Paroxysmal Hypertension

    3) Pseudopheochromocytoma

    Here is an article that may or may not be helpful [url][/url]

    I have also suffered from Hypoglycmia most of my life wonder if the doctors and wrong and I do have the Serere Reactive Hypoglycemia like you were diagnosed with.

    I would love to hear from you and would be happy to talk with you live if you are willing.

    Thank you for all of your informatiive posts. Since I only sleep about 2 hours a night it was comforting to know someone else suffered the same way I am.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your response.
    Posted 04-20-2013 at 11:08 AM by ako123 ako123 is offline

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