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Thoughts on my life with:
Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD, Osteopenia, Brain Stem Stroke, Stress, and Severe Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Surgeries: Hysterectomy, Right Oophorectomy, Incidental Appendectomy, Urethral Suspension, Benign Left Modified Mastectomy/ Lumpectomy.

As if that wasn't enough: Nine fractured ribs, Morton's Neuroma, Left- sided Hyperhydrosis, Left- sided Thermoception Dysfunction, and even hot flashes.
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I'm no Shao Lin Monk yet, but perhaps one day!

Posted 06-22-2010 02:58 PM by Sunsetnan
Updated 07-18-2010 01:17 AM by Sunsetnan

Well, had a bit of a low blood sugar reaction yesterday and I wasn't in the best of moods. And... of course, my teenager who also suffers from LBS, and maybe RHG, was also going through a reaction. I guess I will have to make sure there is food on the table earlier, but life isn't perfect. And, my husband who is a diabetic, more than likely was going through a similar problem, although if his BS is high, he can be a tyrant, too. Well, you can guess the chaos that ensued.

Where was the calm, peace, and harmony personae that I had told myself I was going to possess? Apparently, I had not practiced enough so that it was instinctual. It really made me feel bad when my youngest son asked me where his old mother had gone. Children know too well how to push your buttons.

But, my teenager became quite angry and violently kicked our plastic clothes hamper and cracked it cleanly down the middle, and was going for the big screen TV. I know his violent tendencies stem from the low BS, but at his age it is hard to monitor what he eats or if he eats. I can provide good quality food, but I can't make him eat it, in other words.

He says, "there's nothing to eat." When I point out all the food choices, he says, "But, I don't want to eat that." Why would anyone want to eat natural fruits and vegetables, dairy, and whole grain foods when there is junk food that is sweeter, saltier, and more flavorful? And, I have been eating those healthful foods, and I am still having a reaction, and craving sweets. So, I can't yet be an example of how eating well helps stabilize your moods. But, after eating, our dispositions improved dramatically. That, in itself, would be proof, don't you think? Well, at least my husband agrees with me that serving pancakes with sugary syrup on Sunday mornings is asking for disaster in church.

But, I know that at some point, there will be another time when we won't eat on time, and chaos will happen again. And, I will be blamed for not providing a good meal in a timely manner. Certainly, my husband could prepare a meal, and even my teenager. But, as the official "house manager," I will fail once more to be the perfect mother and wife. It is inevitable.

One of the tools the stress reduction class gave us was a time schedule for your day. That would be the smart thing to do, planning meals around everyone's schedule. But, I am a creature of habit. I will use it for awhile, and then forget, and lose track of time, and lo and behold, it's past dinnertime!

Well, maybe one day, I will be known for my organizational skills, and calm and peaceful disposition. Maybe one day, my teenagers will learn that they will feel better when they eat better. Perhaps one day I will be that Shao Lin Monk that I am striving for. One day... Until then, I guess a little chaos will happen!
Best Regards,
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