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Thoughts on my life with:
Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD, Osteopenia, Brain Stem Stroke, Stress, and Severe Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Surgeries: Hysterectomy, Right Oophorectomy, Incidental Appendectomy, Urethral Suspension, Benign Left Modified Mastectomy/ Lumpectomy.

As if that wasn't enough: Nine fractured ribs, Morton's Neuroma, Left- sided Hyperhydrosis, Left- sided Thermoception Dysfunction, and even hot flashes.
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Taking Control of our Own Health Destiny

Posted 07-30-2010 08:55 AM by Sunsetnan
Updated 07-31-2010 12:06 AM by Sunsetnan (Added text for clarity.)

I'm learning a lot reading the glycemic load diet book. It is much less strict than the low blood sugar handbook. It tells you to eliminate refined starches, but it allows you to have some sugar and flour in small amounts. In effect, it lets you to not sweat the small stuff.

I will have to see how these dietary changes effect my blood sugar. So, far I haven't caught my blood sugar any higher than 114 mg/dl or any lower than 74 mg/dl. It's mostly in the 80's before meals and in the 90's after meals, with an occasional 100 if I eat more.

The point of these dietary changes is to try to keep my body from hypersecreting insulin in reaction to consumed starches/ sugar and to keep my adrenal glands from hypersecreting adrenaline when my BS goes too low. So, if my blood sugar is low, is it because I'm not eating high glycemic load food or is it because my pancreas spit out insulin to bring it down? And if my blood sugar is in the low 100's (which I know is normal) is it because of the food I ate or because my adrenal glands squirted out adrenaline and brought my BS up?

So far, I'd have to guess that my body is doing well with these new dietary changes. It is a different way of thinking. We have been bombarded into thinking that meats and fats are the bad guys. I'm still trying to stick to low- fat meats and good oils like olive, avocado, etc.. It's hard when you've been told these things most of your life. But, my cholesterol et al have been fine. It will be interesting to see if it changes either way.

One thing that this glycemic load book mentions that the other doesn't, is that exercise is important. Although, you can hardly call it exercise. It just suggests that mild strolling down the street for 30 minutes every day or every other day is adequate to keep your muscles from becoming insulin resistant. I'd like to believe that. Although I prefer to bike ride.

Up until just recently, bike riding had been easier on my joints than walking. Walking usually left me with swollen ankles and sore feet. Bike riding, slow enough to talk at the same time, eliminated the pressure on my ankles, hips, and knees that walking gave me. But, now the doctor diagnosed bursitis in my hips, especially the right (the side I sleep on).

My doctor recommended stretches and wanted me to do some mild walking. Hey, I can de- insulin resist my muscles at the same time! lol I've been tired recently, and have had some symptoms suggesting IC. The culture came back negative, but the med. assistant didn't give me instructions on what to do now. The symptoms haven't miraculously gone away just because the culture was neg. Haven't heard back.

That's a pet peeve of mine. It just burns me up when the med. assistant calls back and says that your (fill in the space) came back normal but doesn't go any further. Just because the lab result is normal doesn't exclude a problem. It only means the doctor either guessed wrong, or ruled out the need for antibiotics, but it doesn't mean that you don't need other testing or a treatment for the symptoms. Something is causing the problem or you wouldn't be having the symptoms. Am I right? So far, ignoring it hasn't made it go away.

When I mentioned to my doctor that my insurance didn't cover a dietitian, and I couldn't afford to shell out $200+ dollars, he said, "Well, you're a smart, well- educated woman. You should be able to research it." Now, I'm glad he thinks me smart enough to figure it out on my own, but I feel cheated. What would happen if I was ignorant and dropped out of school? There are so many differing opinions on RHG. I want rules. I want structure. I want to know what I can eat and what I can't! Well, so far the medical community has really blew it on things like bran and low- fat foods, the food pyramid, healthcare, etc. So, I guess it would be better if I figured it out on my own.

Here's to taking control of our own destiny. Here's to making our own food rules. Here's to being smart enough and educated enough to do a google search. Here's to normal blood sugars and exercising by taking a stroll.
Best Regards,
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