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My experience with Submuscular ulnar nerve transposition surgery

Posted 12-14-2014 03:48 PM by Tori358

I found out about two months ago that I was going to need surgery on my ulnar nerve due to my nerve being pinched. I went online trying to get as much information as possible so that I would know what to expect with this surgery and so there would be no surprises. I decided that I wanted to document my own experience with this surgery so that in the future, people needing to have this surgery can get a better idea of what to expect. Most of the experiences I read aboutnonline about this surgery, were terrible and scary, and made me not want to have it done. So here is my experience and I hope it helps someone else who is looking at having to have this done. First off a little back story. I have had numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand for about 8 years and until about three months ago was told by doctors that it was nothing. I had gone to see an orthopedic doctor for pain that I was having in my shoulder. He did two steroid injections and suggested that I do some physical therapy. I completed two months of physical therapy and with no change in my pain was referred to a different orthopedic doctor. During her examination she asked me some questions about my health history and I mentioned to her that my hand and fingers go numb intermitently during the day and always at night when im sleeping. She did a few physical tests and told me that she thought that it was cubbital tunnel syndrome and explained what it was and that it could be causing my shoulder pain as well. She wanted me to try and eleviate my usage of that arm and had me purchase a thing called a heelbo which was supposed to keep me from bending my arm at night. I was to not lean on that elbow. I did this for a month or so and nothing changed so my orthopedic doctor suggested that I have a nerve conduction test done to rule out ulnar nerve neropathy. After having the nerve conduction test done (which came back showing that my nerve was being compressed at my elbow) she suggested that I saw an orthopedic surgeon. I was referred to one and a month later I had my appointment with him. He examined me and went over my medical history and my nerve conduction test. I was told that I definitely had cubital tunnel syndrome. He explained what type of surgeries he could do for this and I decided that I wanted to have the more evasive one which had a 95% success rate, and since I did not want to have any more surgeries if the first one failed. He then scheduled me for the surgery. I had the submuscular transposition surgery on December 9th 2014 at 11:30 in the afternoon. My pain waking up from surgery was about a 8/10 so the anesthesiologist gave me an arm block which lasted about 24 hours. I was also really nauseated. They gave me some medicine to help with the nausea and after an hour sent me home. I was really sick the first three days after surgery from the pain meds (Norco) that they prescribed for me. I spent the first three days in bed sick as a dog. I called my dotctor to find out if he could prescribe me something easier on my stomach and they filled a script for Percocet which also made me sick. I decided after a few days to just go off the pain meds all together and just take Aleve. I was just really sick of the stomach pain and severe constipation. I am on day 5 now and only taking Aleve. My pain level is about a 4-5/10 and my stomach is finally getting back to normal. I had to start taking stool softeners for the constipation. Now about my arm, its wrapped in a Ace bandage and in a sling. I believe I have stitches and not staples and I get them removed on the 24th which will be two full weeks from surgery. I can bend all my fingers pretty easily and I can bend my arm about 1/2 the way up to my shoulder. Also my shoulder pain so far is completly gone. Yay!!!! I have not been able to shower yet due to having to elevate my arm for the first week so sponge baths have been the only way for me to keep up on my hygeine. I finally got a good nights rest last night and I'm hoping its just uphill from here. I will keep you posted on my recovery and and changes that may occur. Also I think that my first few days would of been much easier if I had not gotten so sick from the anesthesia and the pain meds so your experience could be much, much better than mine.
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