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Update 3

Posted 12-31-2014 03:33 PM by Tori358

Hi all! I am 22 days post op and doing well. I noticed yesterday that I have about a 2-3 inch strip on the underside of my arm that is completely numb. It starts about my elbow and goes down my arm. Other than that I would say I'm doing quite well. I am able to bend my arm pretty easily. My incision looks like its healing well. I still have Steri Strips on it which I can remove in another 3 days. After I remove them I was told to start massaging the incision with something. I will try some coconut oil or cocoa butter first until I find something better. I don't have any pain unless I try to use the muscle that was cut. I'm not supossed to clentch that hand at all. I have not been told if I will need physical therapy yet but I have another follow up appointment with my Doctor on January 21st, so I guess I will find out then. Hope all have a awesome new years and I will post again after my next appointment.
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