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Admissions of a Hypochondriac

Posted 04-25-2015 12:20 AM by W0438548

I'm Hannah. I'm admittedly a hypochondriac. I suffer from severe anxiety. I am here to talk about my problems with other people experiencing hypochondria. My hypochondria began when my mother started battling heart disease. I am only 24 years old. The only family I have is my mother and my sister who is disabled. I constantly think I have cancer. Ive thought I've had breast cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, melanoma, and am admittedly currently worrying I have throat cancer. My neck below my jaw has been in pain for only one day and I immediately have gone internet for hours, making myself even more scared. It has become debilitating for me. I am a senior in college and need to focus on school to graduate, but this puts me down so so bad. I just want to get over this. Even though I tell myself that I'm a young woman, who is perfectly healthy, I still get these thoughts. I'm glad to know there is a place where I can talk to other people without being ashamed. Its a horrible illness and I feel very helpless.
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