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Too many symptoms to think of a title...

Posted 06-08-2011 10:54 AM by WolferMomma

So, basic info: I'm 19, I have 20 month old son, I live with my boyfriend, his dad, nephew and 2 dogs, I'm fairly active and I eat somewhat irregularly and often don't eat more than once a day (not on purpose.)

Symptoms:This is all Constant, not in the morning or after i go for a walk, it's 24/7.

1 Stiff/Grinding Joints. (It feels as if someone is standing behind me trying to force my shoulders forward and into my chest, while also grabbing my spine and forcing it forward into a slouched position. My ribs feel compressed inward.)
2 Tight muscles, mainly in thighs and surrounding my spine and ribs.
3 Hair Breaking 3 inches from the roots all around my head, not just one spot (i do twirl my hair, emotional health issue i know, but i only twirl 2 spots.)
4 When I get hungry, it's only after i've realized that i haven't eaten all day or even sometimes in the past 2-4 days..and when i do eat it is only half a burger or 1/4 of an apple and then i feel fuller than ever. And yet there has been no weight loss. (not tryingto starve myself i promise!)
5 Trouble walking due to tight muscles, unbalanced feeling, and spine slightly bowed forward from muscle tension.
6 irregular periods/innability to become pregnant. (we've tried for 1 year and 3 months now to conceive.)
7 SEVERE, UNBEARABLE headaches. I've had them diagnosed as muscle tension headaches and they're caused by 2 muscles in the back of my neck tightening so hard it pulls my scalp and causes radiating pain down the right side of my head behind my ear and through my jaw. But why is my neck tightening for no reason? The headaches cause vision problems and dizziness alongn with a drunk feeling..
8 Sensitivity to the sun. I sweat instantly and become irritable and confused and sometimes unable to stay awake..and I live in Arizona lol.
9 One sympton that is only a night time thing is RLS(Restless Leg Syndrome) not diagnosed but i feel anxiety related retlessness in my legs counts. I kick and scramble in my sleep, almost always to the point where it wakes me up and keeps me awake for hours through the night. Elevation has not helped.

Any Thoughts?

I have a feeling that most symptoms are related and are from one central problem, but I'm not a doctor lol.
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