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newpup 03-08-2006 08:25 PM

Has anyone gone without taking any meds with platelets at the million mark?
Please let me know. I have lots of concerns.
newpup :confused:

sapphire12112 03-12-2006 08:39 PM

Re: Platelets/high
My platelets were not all the way to one million, but they were close back in December '05 -- they were 987,000. I am not on medication for Essential Thrombocythemia, but my hematologist monitors my blood every 6 weeks. My platelets were 923,000 in January, then 822,000 in late February. Currently I am taking a multi vitamin, Vit. C, Vit. E, liquid Trace Minerals, and a digestive enzyme with my meals. I had been taking Iron (as Ferrous Sulfate), garlic and cod liver oil until very recently. My hematologist advised me to take a baby aspirin daily, but I have had digestive problems and am concerned about taking aspirin on a daily basis. I am a 54 year old white female and my platelets have been elevated, evidently, at least since late 1999.

newpup 03-15-2006 08:32 PM

Re: Platelets/high
Thank you SO much for replying.
My hemotologist and my family physician want me to take Hydrea. Since it is a chemo drug, I really wanted to try anything before going that route. My platelets have been high for about 1 1/2 yrs.
Last year the doctors also spoke of Hydrea. I know it was the wrong thing to do, but I just stopped getting my blood checked. At that time it was in the 7-800,000 range.
I'm now taking a multi-vitamin, Omega 3's, and COQ10.
I find it interesting that you also have gastrointestinal problems. About 2 years ago I had bleeding ulcers.
Have your doctors mentioned anything about dangers of NOT taking Hydrea (or some other type of chemo?) I'm getting my blood checked again tomorrow. I pray the platelets are down some.
I am 49 year old white female.
Thank you for your input.

tld1946 03-17-2006 07:31 PM

Re: Platelets/high
Just so you know I have had high platelets for 19 years and have not taken any medication for it. My story started with a routine blood test. My platelets were at 860 then. Over the next few years I did all the different tests and my platelets went over 1 million at times. Today my platelets are stable around 550 to 680.

I will tell you that I noticed a difference in my platelet count when I took certain antibotics. I have always had sinus problems and my doctor gave me Bioxin once for it and not only did the sinus infection go away but my platelet count dropped from 965 to 850. I asked my hematologist about it but she didn't think it could have anything to do with it. However, every time I took that drug my platelets dropped a little lower. This year I finally had sinus surgery and my platelets dropped even lower and have been stable ever since.

So why did I come on this website? My son, 27 years old, now has the headaches and leg/hip pain and was just diagnosed with high platelets. I was looking to see if there was something new on it. It is one thing when it is you and a whole different feeling when it is your child.

I hope you get the help you need to lower yours. God Bless.

newpup 03-19-2006 07:24 AM

Re: Platelets/high
Has your son tried seeing a nutrionist? My chiropractor is also a nutrionist and that is the route I'm taking. He certainly has helped before with his advice. Couldn't hurt to check it out. I really believe what we eat (or don't eat) and the supplements we take (or lack) can have a HUGE impact on our well being.
Good luck with your son. There is a new blood test/JAK 2/deterimines various possbile causes of high counts if it's a marrow issue. I pray your son finds his answers.

Karenann12342 03-19-2006 07:54 PM

Re: Platelets/high
Hi, I was on Hydrea for 3 mos.. I just went off of it last week. I got sores on my tongue and gums and a strange taste in my mouth and my GERDS was really acting up. Anyway I am now back on Agrilyn. After a week I am feeling better. I take a coated 81 mg aspirin daily which doesn't seem to bother me. I do think some of the decision of whether a Doc puts you on meds has to be in what risk class you are in. If you have ET and have had a bmb I think there are things they see also. According to the Drs. it is a permanent chronic condition not temporary. I hope this helps. Best to all

newpup 03-21-2006 08:32 PM

Re: Platelets/high
Hi Karenann!
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've had the BMB, but not much was mentioned after the results came back in. I have been told I have ET, but haven't been told I was a high risk. I guess that's one reason I am reluctant to start the meds. Just don't know what to do.
Thanks. We'll stay in touch.

sapphire12112 03-22-2006 09:00 PM

Re: Platelets/high
My hematologist has not recommended anything more than baby aspirin for me thus far. He is interested in the nutritional supplementation and alternative things that I decide to try. He prefers that I log when I start something new and only try one new thing at a time... From what I have read, most doctors in the USA don't recommend medication in most instances until platelet count reaches the 1,500,000 range.

I'll be going for blood work in a couple of weeks.


Val W 03-22-2006 11:25 PM

Re: Platelets/high
[QUOTE=newpup]Hi Karenann!
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've had the BMB, but not much was mentioned after the results came back in. I have been told I have ET, but haven't been told I was a high risk. I guess that's one reason I am reluctant to start the meds. Just don't know what to do.
Thanks. We'll stay in touch.
Hi All Had a BMB have E.T. I was told if I did'nt take my Medication I could have a clot or a bleed I'am 59, have High blood presure also, only been on HYDREA 500mg for aweek so far had dizzyness upset tummy head aches , nothing too bad , would hate to have a brain bleed I do volunteer work with some people who have, so the chemo is better for me, IS IT A CANCER or not nobody seems too know some say yes some no :going for blood test next week hope it's working

Karenann12342 03-23-2006 11:49 AM

Re: Platelets/high
Hi Val. Your age and story is the same as mine. Hemo.Doc. says its not cancer. Its a mutant gene is what I read, could be from a virus or some other trauma. I was told the same things you were. I hope you have better luck on the Hydea than I did. It didn't bother me the first two monthes. I have to ask the doctor again about the meds I was on 2000 I thought it was kind of alot. take care, Karen

lakeviewdriver1 03-27-2006 05:18 PM

Re: Platelets/high
hi i am new to this site and am having a hard time trusting my dr. He tells me that everyone who had a gastric y bypass has anemia and mine whent from 12 to 11 to 6.2 in 3 months. I feel very tired and have had ear infections and headaches and just all around shot. He put me on pills and then shots. I am not getting any better and he wants to waite 12 weeks before checking my iron again. Is this too long to wait? and should he be sending me to someone else for better results. these headaches are so horible i have trouble teaaching my one night a week religiuos class . I have given up most of my social life to sleep.

PM73 03-29-2006 07:53 AM

Re: Platelets/high
Hi! I don't know but 12 weeks does sound like quite a long time to wait but maybe that is how long it takes to see if the medication is working or not. You said you have anemia, do you also have a high platelet count? Also, I can really understand what you said about giving up your social life to sleep as have had to do the same thing and it is really, really tough to have to give up the things you love just because you need to sleep some 14 hours as has happened to me. But I really hope that you get better and wish you all the best.

God bless you.

patrice43015 03-29-2006 10:02 PM

Re: Platelets/high
can i ask??.what are platelets?i know its something in the blood,but i remembered my doctor telling me i had low platelets a few time,she didnt seemed concerned,so i never thought about it much,,,,,thanks,,,,,

PM73 03-30-2006 12:33 AM

Re: Platelets/high
Hi! Platelets are the tiniest parts of blood, and in a CBC they are a part of the red blood cell count. Someone once described them to me like being tiny blood 'flakes'. If you have too little you might be at risk of your blood not clotting properly, like if you have a wound it wont heal as quick as it should. Also, if your level is very low you might be at risk of internal bleeding, and people with low platelet counts also apparently tend to bruise easily. Those are the most common problems but as for the causes I unfortunately don't know, but your level probably wasn't that low if you doctor was not too worried or else the rest of your blood count was normal. :)

I have gotten variable information from doctors as to what is considered normal platelet level but most say something between 150.000 to 360.000/400.000??

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