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impatient68 04-08-2008 01:39 PM

elevated platelets & high lymphocytes

I recently went to see my GP as i was feeling generally unwell a full blood test was done.the results came back with elevated platelet @ 642 with high lymphocytes ive since had a bmb ive still got a radioactive active blood test thingy to do and an upper adominal scan.I must confess i'm feeling quite concerned now.I was expecting a tonic /pick me up not all this.
My SymptomS
occasional pain in the calfs (only when its cold)
vision disturbance (like sparkly bits in my eyes)
a feeling of been detached ( a particulary weird feeling as if your not really there)
lack of consentration

I was wondering if anyone has had similar/same symptoms

Would appreciate any advice
Kindest Regards

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