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mabel pietsch 11-08-2011 09:39 PM

blood testing
im really cunfused,scared and begining to get angry.on thr 13th of oct 2011 i had some bloodtest atypical lymphs are very high,3 times the normal limit,segmented neutrophils are below range,protein total-below range,macrocytes,schistocytes andlarge platelet are all out of range.

i saw my primary care dr. on the 1st of nov 2011. she informed me that i could have possibly mono or luekimia. she ran a flow cytometry and a EBV titer test. i found out on 11/8/11 that the cytometry and titer test came back fine. but that doesnt explain all the other test. i dont feel good and am very tired and in extreme pain constantly.if anyone has any answers or suggestions please let me know. thankyou.

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Jakepod34 12-12-2011 08:15 PM

Re: blood testing
You mentioned that your segmented neutrophil count is low, along with your protein levels and atypical lymph tests. If you have any swelling on the side of your neck and you are having low energy levels, feeling overly tired during the day, feel a lack of interest in usual activities, or feel overly agitated during the day I would jump to the conclusion that you are experiencing the effects of mononucleosis. Do not take my word for it, but I work with blood tests and the lab so I have an understanding of some of these tests. I do not have access to your lab results, so I would listen to your doctor and make sure that you get diagnosed ASAP to make sure that you follow the proper steps towards getting well and healthy again. One more thing, just because your tests were high before and certain tests are now normal does not mean that there is nothing wrong with you. If it was leukemia, they probably would have been elevated on the titer that you mentioned on that latest test results as well because cancers usually maintain fairly constant replication rates, especially if they enter the blood and becomes metastatic (spreading to other areas of the body and no longer being isolated to one area). Everyone is different and I am just saying that I personally think that it would be mononucleosis. Make sure you mention to your doctor, if he/she is still not sure what is it, about being consulted with an immunologist, an allergist, an oncologist, or a hematologist specialist. It is extremely important to have specialists help you if a primary care doctor questions your condition because that is why specialists are there! Take care and I hope you get this figured out.

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