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grammies 04-08-2012 03:14 AM

High platelet & white cell counts
A couple months ago I had blood work done. I thought my thyroid was acting up again, because of the exhaustion. My thyroid was fine, but my white count & platelets are still elevated. I had the bone marrow biopsy & Luekemia has been ruled out. What other causes could there be? I feel like my Dr is grasping at straws. I am not sure what to do next.

mvano 04-15-2012 12:10 AM

Re: High platelet & white cell counts
First of all, find a good hematologist. Your condition is unlikely to escape a good specialist.

I have high platelets, but my white count is normal. Thus our conditions are not completely the same. I am diagnosed with Essential Thrombothycemia (ET). All it really means is that I have high platelets and that there is no apparent underlying cause. Fortunately, my platelet count has remained stable. Many patients with ET live full lives and exhibit no other symptoms. So far so good for me.

Back to hematology. My DR did some genetic testing to check for mutations which can affect blood disorders. I'd bet that you could find a hematologist who could run additional tests for you to help determine why your counts are high.

Good luck.

grammies 04-15-2012 05:21 AM

Re: High platelet & white cell counts
My hematologist has sent me on a wild goose chase. It's very scary since I have had some of the symptoms for 5 yrs. I don't know if the aches & pains are just arthiritis. I thought the fatigue was caused by my thyroid again, but my thyroid is fine now. Thx for your input. I will do some research on ET now.

rick0049 04-24-2012 07:41 PM

Re: High platelet & white cell counts
Hi All:

Just a comment on this condition mvano.I too have ET and according to my Hemotologist/oncologist,Essential Thrombocytosis(a variation of what you have,I think),has NO KNOWN cause or origin.Thing is,though I am a Viet-Nam Vet and this issue has been under the microscope for sometime now.I was exposed to Agent Orange,back during the war, and some VA authorities seem to think that there maybe some correlation with the 2.(AO and ET)

.......Anyway,I filed a claim for a "disability" due to this condition/disease.It was denied."Not enough medical evidence" to satisfy the VA!I found other med sites that discuss this and seems like,as rare as it is(ET),quite a few Viet Vets got it.

I am in the middle of an appeal and hopefully someone can clarify this issue and come up with a good explanation.According to my hem. only 1 in about 250,000 people get it,BUT according to an article I read from the NIH(National Institute of Health) 1-10 out 24,000,000 people get it.Whatever the numbers may or may not be considering the sources,it is extremely rare!!!!!

I would like a "roll call" of sorts to see if there are any other Viet Vets afflicted with this scary condition/disease.I am on a daily regimen of 1 500mg tab of hydroxyurea ........... for the rest of my life to stabilize the platelet count.Went from about 1,000,000 units to where I'm supposed to be.Around 400,00 to 450,000.

Answer in this thread on this site,even.Seems in a recent blog about this very same topic,ET was on the Viet-Nam "presumtive list,(a list of presumed conditions from being exposed to herbicides like AO).Guess what,it(ET) was removed.N'uff said.............

Hope to hear from someone/anyone about this.I truly feel that ET should be on the list...............After all is type 2 diabetes is.The most treatable/common/reversable diabetes around.ANYONE,anywhere,any age can get t2d! ...............What's up with that?..............

Peace and GOD bless to all,and GOD bless America!!!!

Wayne (Danang South Viet-Nam 1970/1971)

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