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lvasic 08-05-2012 07:26 AM

Blood cell counts rising and lymphocytes rising, TSH higher than ever
Please help me! I have a doctors appointment booked but it's a long weekend here and I'm going nuts with worry. My old doctor ignored my bad test results that popped up a few months ago and now the results of a test I got a few days ago is even worse.

My TSH went from 3.5 mU/L to [B]4.9[/B]

Lymphocytes went from 4.5 giga/L to [B]5.1[/B]

Platelet went from 291 giga/L to [B]317[/B]

Hemoglobin went from 131g/L to [B]136[/B]

Red Blood Cells went from 4.64 tera/L to [B]4.92[/B]

White blood cells went from 9.0 giga/L to [B]9.8[/B]

C reactive protein is [B]8.0mg/L[/B]

I have a really fast pulse (I've had it for years but nothing has been taken seriously until I went and demanded my doctor take my pulse) and lately I've been having some blood pressure issues. I'm on Spironolactone 100mg/day for hair issues and hormone issues and Ortho Tricyclen. I haven't had a cold bug in awhile and I'm not fighting off any infections.

Does anyone have any idea what these results mean? I know I have a thyroid issue but my old doctor didn't want to do anything until it was in the double digits. And now all of these other results and gone wrong while I was "waiting" for something to be done. Some new doctors moved into town though so I'm switching right away. The bad blood cell counts and lymphocyte counts rising and rising has me worried about cancer, leukemia and heart failure!

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