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hawest 01-26-2013 07:23 PM

Blood Work Analysis
Hello there,
I was just looking for some clarity on a recent blood test. My FiancÚ has had severe chronic back pain for 3 years now and has seen over 100 doctors with no answers. They continue to maintain is pain level at moderate by using heavy medication. While suffering from the back pain he has experienced several other symptoms, including blurred vision, heat sensitivity, muscle weakness and many other random things. His most recent doctor has decided to send him to what would be his 3rd Rheumatologist. In doing so the Dr. had him take a blood test. His platelets, white and red blood cell counts have all been fairly low for some time now, however the most recent test reflects some other high or low readings. Can anyone please help us to understand these results and offer potential routes for a diagnosis. He is awaiting his appointment with the Rheumatologist, but having done this before we are looking for alternative areas for a wider variety of answers. Thank you!

Results are as follows (anything in red was highlighted as abnormal, everything else remained within normal limits):
[COLOR="red"]WBC- 3.7
Hemoglobin- 13.2
Platelet count- 103[/COLOR]
Glucose random- 92
Bun- 11
Creatinine- .86
Calcium- 9.4
Sodium- 143
Potassium- 3.9
Chloride- 102
[COLOR="red"]CO2- 32[/COLOR]
Anion Gap- 13
Bilirubin- .4
Alkaline phosphatase- 78
Protein- 7.3
Albumin- 4.2
ALT- 26
AST- 25
[COLOR="Red"]Rheumatoid Factor- Positive
Rheumatoid Factor Titer- 10
C-Reactive protein- 2.26[/COLOR]

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