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W0rried 03-01-2005 08:03 AM

Head Lump - Please help!!!!
I've got a small hard bony lump on my the back of my head to the right on the occipital bone(?). I've been aware of it for almsot two years now and it hasn't changed or caused any symptoms or anything like that. It feels round and I can feel it stuck to my skull. It's relativly small. It's freaking me out, and I know I should go to the doctors to be sure but...after having it this long without any problems do you think its anything to worry about? I'm freaked out that I have bone cancer or something like that.
BTW. I'm 17/ female.

joyous_one_ 02-03-2006 02:23 AM

Re: Head Lump - Please help!!!!
I have that too. Mine has been around for 25 years and I was told its a calcification of the bone... prob. from an injury. but if you are concerned talk to you doctor and get it checked.

joshier 02-16-2006 01:53 AM

Re: Head Lump - Please help!!!!
same here..

i was around my exs girlfriends house onetime, and it was quite a funny thing, because she felt it, and then i was stroking her dog later on, and her dog had the same thing.

I don't know why you are worrying so much...

Heh, i also have this wierd chest thing.. it's not normal at all, and very uncomfterble, i also believe i have a cracked/broken lower rib cage, because it makes a 'click' when i push it in..

oh and my jaw also doesn't open/close properly, it gets locked in some deeper grouves of the joints, so i have to push it so the side first, then pop the other side out. This happens all the time, i find eating hard...

Anyway.. have a nice day.

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