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iluvseannjoey 04-06-2005 08:45 PM

unexplained fractures
Before I begin, I would like to say that if anyone is going to be judgemental, please stop reading right now. Also, if anyone has anything nasty to say, please don't bother, I've been through enough.
When my son was six weeks old, he had a chest xray to check for pneumonia. The xray showed six rib fractures. The police were called, CPS got involved and both my boys were taken away. The doctors said it was child abuse, and my husband was charged. Since then, its been five months. Charges were dropped, and my boys are finally home, although CPS still won't let my husband stay in the home with us. The doctor keeps insisting it was child abuse, but we do not even spank our children. Also, he had no signs of SBS, internal organ trauma, or bruising...we didnt even know he had the fractures! He never seemed to be un any discomfort at all. My oldest son checked out fine (they did a skeletal survey and examination) and other than the fractures, my baby had no other signs of abuse or neglect. I have noticed something unusual about my baby from birth. He always seems to sweat, no matter what he is wearing, even now. He has always sounded congested and I'm having him tested for cf, but I dont know if that would explain the fractures. And his eyes are a weird color. He has brown eyes, but there is a weird dark blue ring around them. I know in my heart we did not hurt our baby. Does anyone know what might have caused the fractures? They said he was squeezed and shaken, but if that was the case, I don't see why there were no other injuries.

hrtofluv 04-07-2005 07:17 AM

Re: unexplained fractures
Oh sweetie. So sorry for your situation. I have a friend going through the same thing right now too - so we have done ALOT of research.
I can tell you that with the blue schlera (around his eyes) - the hospital should have tested him for brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta). Not saying your son has this, but the blue schlera is a BIG indicator when an infant has broken bones. The ribs could have possibly been broken during childbirth and you just happen to find out when they took the xray. I know that it's hard to be in a situation where you are praying something shows up in the genetic testing, but it's even harder to think that your husband caused this to your child. I do know the torment my friend is going through - her husband has not been allowed to come back home either.

Anyway - here is some information for you that we got during our research:
However, there are some broken bones that can occur in children that have nothing to do with child abuse or accidental falls. Spontaneous fractures can occur in the following with no or minimal trauma:
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Neuromuscular diseases
Fractures associated with bone tumors

Please do additional testing on your child to ensure that none of the above is going on and to allow your husband to come home. Now I have to warn you that the genetic testing for OI or brittle bone disease takes 4-6 weeks to get the results and CPS will be VERY involved. Another option is for your husband to take a polygraph test - if he passes they may let him come home while waiting on the test results.
Please let me know how it goes for you - prayers being sent your way!!!

iluvseannjoey 04-07-2005 02:05 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
Thank you so much!!! I am sorry for your friend. I know too well how painful this is. The doctor did no testing for anything. When I asked about my son's eyes, he said that that was completley normal in an infant and that there was no bone deformity on the x rays to indicate anything other than abuse. As for my husband, he has volunteered, even insisted on a polygraph test. CPS refuses to let him take one. They said that they found he was the perpetrator in there investigation (all they did was go by the police reports, which contained a bunch of lies, and by the doctor report) and that was how it was. They are making both of us take psychological evaluations and then when we have another hearing in june, he might be allowed to come home.

hrtofluv 04-07-2005 02:29 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
Be forewarned - her son was taken out of the home - luckily her brother lived close by (next town) and he kept her son during the initial accusations (this past fall). She nor he were allowed to be alone with their son!!! Now it's just the dad since he was with the child while the mom was working. Now she is home with the baby, but her husband has to sleep at her parents house. AND get this - CPS has sent her a letter asking for child support for taking care of her son while he was in "protective custody". WHAT?! Yep - they are wanting her to pay for the time that her son was staying with her brother. CPS didn't pay him anything or pay for anything for the child - and they want her to pay them! What an outrage!
Anyway - best bet for you is if you have a pediatrician that you trust- have them check into a genetic disorder (namely OI). If you do a search on the web - look for blue schlera and you will see that it is NOT normal. There was one site that I had found that had a picture of a child with this condition - the eyes were a BIG factor. Also - I don't think OI shows on xrays, just the breaks that results from it. I would hate for your child to have this disease cause it would mean a hard life for him and you, but I understand how hard it is when someone is saying that you or your husband did this to him when you didn't. And I also have to say that even the lie detector tests can sometimes not be the best thing. I TRULY believe my friend and her husband, but his poly was questionable they determined - although none of the questionable stuff was related to taking care of their son.
So, what's a person to do. They are awaiting the genetic test results for OI.
Take care!

iluvseannjoey 04-07-2005 05:20 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
CPS has also sent letters to my husband and I for child support. We never lost legal custody, CPS just wanted the boys to stay with a relative. They were out of the home for about 4 1/2 months. MY sons ped. says that there is no way he could have OI because he is growing and hasn't had a fracture since. (that we know of) She said OI babies do nor grow. I should also add that my son went for 4 months without growing. He was measuring the same length as when he was six weeks old. He only recently started to grow again. At this point, I dont know what to think or pray for. It seems like CPS is determined to keep our family split up one way or the other. One case worker told me that even if he did have a medical condition, that CPS would still fight to have him declared abused because she said something different must have happened because those are the only fractures he's had.

enginelz 04-09-2005 08:03 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
Hi, I am sorry to hear that. Your son possibly have a bone disorder. My grandmother now have oporestic however u spell it. I have to be careful and look out for her since her bone break easily. She broke her hip in october 2000. By tipping his shoe lace or my brother accidently step her shoe lace and my brother was upset. She still have alot of problem. I am only 14 year old and best luck and hope the doctor test for a bone diease. I know how u feel. Hope ur hard time get over soon and hope everything will be alright.
Best Luck

iluvseannjoey 04-10-2005 10:29 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
I had my sister over last night and While I was talking to her, I noticed that she also has blue sclera. The tint to hers still isnt as dark as I have seen in some cases, but it is definitley noticable. She is 16, so this is way past the age for it to be even considered normal. There is definitley something going on. I don't know why I never noticed it before. Maybe because I never realized that it could mean something. My son's geneticist drew the blood for the DNA we have to wait. CPS is still trying to get a judge to declare him abused and my husband is not allowed home until our next court date in June and maybe not even then. I feel horrible because my boys are finally home and sometimes I get so stressed out. Its like I'm a single parent all the sudden. If my husband is with me, I have to supervise him at all times. No naps, no running to the store, no showers... its like I have no time to myself. I hate the way I feel, because I should just be happy that they are home! But my husband was the only one able to get me through all of this, and now its like I'm alone, I don't have him to lean on, and its not over yet :(

hrtofluv 04-11-2005 06:22 AM

Re: unexplained fractures
Has your sister ever had issues with her bones before? It is something that the geneticist should know though. I'm glad to hear that the DNA test has been started. Did they do the skin graph test too?
I also understand the burden of being a single parent - how hard it can be. My husband travels with is job and I am stuck with everything then. It's VERY hard somedays. Just remember it is short-term and everything will be fine come summer - keep praying.
I will keep praying for you too!

enginelz 04-12-2005 07:22 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
i will pray for both of u. Hope everything go well.

hrtofluv 04-13-2005 06:48 AM

Re: unexplained fractures
Hey - got GREAT NEWS last night and couldn't wait to tell you this morning. My friend's case was DISMISSED!!!! Finally!
She told me that they finally saw the light, and realized how much more medical this case seemed! Anyway, thought you may enjoy this news! They are so thrilled that this nightmare...or at least this horrible part of it... is over! The baby's records are now at ST.Judes and they are still waiting on hearing something from them...
St Judes is a child cancer center (free to most) that are on the leading edge of treating childhood diseases - mainly cancers. They are on the opposite end of the state, but I'm sure any mom would drive across the country to ensure their child is getting the best care!!!!
Please keep me posted - you and my friend have been in prayers so much lately. It's worked for them - so hopefully it will for you too.

hrtofluv 04-13-2005 06:57 AM

Re: unexplained fractures
Let me also state...
NO - we are not thrilled this child may have a form of OI, but at least her husband (who did NOT abuse the child) can live at home and help her during their child's upcoming diagnosis and possible treatments. And they don't have to face the stares of everyone in town who heard about only part of this case and stare at them like they are horrible monsters!!
Child abuse is the MOST offensive crime in my opinion and the predators should be locked up and punished for life (physical punishment too - not just sitting back and allowing the state let them run a care-free life). Yep - NEVER put me on a jury for a case with child abuse or that person would get the max sentence from me!!!
But when you are wrongly accused because your child has a medical condition is horrible. To KNOW your spouse didn't do it, yet since everyone is telling you he did - I still think it plants a seed of doubt - what an awful thing to do to a marriage, a parent, a child! And for a parent who knows they did nothing but love this child - to be praying that something medical could be wrong with their child - why that goes against everything you are - but you do it anyway to prove your innocence. Then the diagnosis comes down and you wonder if you should be happy or horrified. This diagnosis leads them down a path that is unthinkable, but at least they are together as a family.
Just wanted to make sure no one gets the wrong impression from my previous post.

iluvseannjoey 04-17-2005 08:14 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
I can understand what you are saying. I pray everyday for that DNA test to show something-and I feel horrible for it! But I don't know what else to do. I have known in my heart something was wrong with him before he even had the fractures. I am so happy for your friend! :) Has her child had any more fractures? I was doubting my son could have OI because he hasn't fractured since but I read that people with mild cases can go up to a few years without fractures. The geneticist has said that he thinks My boys and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I don't know if this would cause fractures, but I have always had problems with my joints coming out of place. I fell the other day because my ankle slipped out of place. Both my sons' joints pop and it seems to run in my dad's side of the family. Several people on his side have had unusually easy fractures, but no one other my sister and my sons have blue sclera, and it is a light blue, not the dark almost purple I've seen in some people, and no one has had a lot of fractures, just ones that shouldn't have happened as easily as they did. My grandma broke a rib just by bumping into a car door when she was younger. I hope God forgives me for praying for a disease, but He knows more than anyone that we did not huurt our child. I have been praying for answers for so long! I just want to know how this happened! :confused: I too can't stand someone that would intentionally injure a defenseless child! Your job is to protect, not hurt them. I was abused as a child (which gives CSB more evidence since they say children who were abused grow up to abuse-NOT true!!!!!) and there is no way I would let someone hurt one of my own children or hurt them myself. I know how it feels. I just hope I will find some kind of answers and that this nightmare will end!

hrtofluv 04-27-2005 06:40 AM

Re: unexplained fractures
Hey - just checking in with you today to see how things are going.
Just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you and prayers are being sent up in your name....

iluvseannjoey 04-27-2005 03:19 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
Thank you Hrtofluv. You have no idea how much that means to me! Some people that know us aren't this supportive and I am a stranger to you. We are still holding on... there's still about two weeks left on the DNA test. I have noticed that it seems like my son's spine is starting to curve. Even the caseworker for CSB noticed and commented that this wasn't normal for a child his age. He seems to be doing okay, but he is still behind. He turned 7 months on the 21st and he still can barely roll over, sit up, or push himself up on his arms. He seems very alert, always smiles, its just the physical things he can't do. He seems to be growing better since he has come home so I was hoping he'd catch up on everything else, but it doesn't seem like he will quite yet.

enginelz 04-27-2005 05:52 PM

Re: unexplained fractures
gl pn the dna

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