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crb6498 10-01-2006 09:04 AM

I was diagnosed with Pars defect when I was about nine years old, I am now 28, but feel like I am 75. I originally complained of hip pain which ended up being the head of my femur was flattened. (Never figured that one out) I never had back pain until I was 16 or 17. I tried NSAIDs at that time without relief. Since then the pain has only worsened, making it very difficult to do routine housework, stay on my feet at work ( as a nurse). The big kicker was that all of the doctors I have seen all through the years have just basically blown me off. They all said that my MRI doesn't show enough evidence for the amount of pain I am describing. So all of these years I have wasted my time going to all of these doctors doing PT, back brace, exercises, epidural injections, facet and sacroiliac joint steroid injections---with absolutely no relief.. My pain management Dr. finally referred me to a doc in Plano, Tx. His name is Dr. Zigler with the Texas Back Institute. He walked into my room and said you have a pars defect and I have a plan to fix it. This is where surgery comes in. He will fix the defect itself with small screws and possibly do a discectomy if the disc is too damaged to leave in place. I am hoping we will be able to you the new PRODISC-L to replace the disc instead of doing a fusion. It will be awhile before I can have surgery, so we are going to do a Pars injection which he said should give me some relief temporarily until I have surgery.. At this point, I just want some relief. Even if it is just for one day. My pain is dull in nature, primarily in the middle of my lumbar region, spreading to the sides of my lower back, kind of like pulled muscle feeling; I also have moderate sciatica that goes down to my foot, with numbnes and tingling, and pain. Just let me know if this helped you. I really like this doctor. ( I must, because I drive 6 hours one way to see him) If you would like more info. or my experience let me know .Thanks

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