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kristynadeau 11-06-2006 10:01 AM

Rib injury healing time?

I had surgery on my ribs 2 and a half months ago, and I'm still in pain... About 2-3 centimeters of my 10th and 11th ribs on my right side had to be shaved off and a little bit of cartilage had to be removed, and then my 11th rib on my left side had to have the same proceedure done. The surgeon went in through my abdomen. I have one 3.5 inch cut on my right side abdomen and a 3.5 inch cut on my left side abdomen. He told me that recovery time can vary. I'm not in as much pain as I was 2 months ago, but the healing process is VERY SLOW. Sometimes I feel like I'm abnormal and not healing correctly. Other times I feel as though I will literally NEVER HEAL from this! I've been feeling depressed. My husband keeps telling me that the human body has an incredible healing mechanism and that I will heal. But, it's hard to feel as though this is true. I'm female and 25 years old and feel as though I'll be in pain forever. Has anybody reading this had rib injuries? How long did it take to heal? I'd love to hear from you, thank you.

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